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After being locked out of my WordPress account for awhile and finding my way home again my first few posts were liked by some of my fav artists and writers. actually brought me to tears the wp. community inspired me and pushed me farther in writing with your support… freaking psyched to be back.

today I put together all the year as worth of poems and short stories. can u believe it’s 92, 241 words!!!! going through and trying to edit. I’m doing it. been scared shirtless of putting my raw stories out there but it’s time to thrive


rented/36/soul love saga

signed on the dotted line
before my papers
could be shuffled
a system incomplete
I gaged my time
and fell head
first into the vortex of the abyss
no direction to home
so many phone calls
so much wasted time
no reason
no rhyme
just anotha
phone calls
an viewings
hoping someone will
see us