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Evil lution/35/ soul love saga

 inner mandala water colour $100
inner mandala water colour $100
Time solutions
Evil ution
Time consumptions
Simple notions
Easy medication
Rippling education
Mixed notions
False presumption
Mal adjustments
In capital gain
Bring pain
Criteria leaves average
Folk on their on their knees
Paperwork that kills trees
Brings forest disperse
In shuffling, processing
And time telling
Positions that have no aim
Bring the power
Back to the hands
That serves and not destroys.
Women’s studies, Amherst 2010


realities shade/19/soul love saga

nyc 019

Realities shade
No man plays
Nature’s way
A sarcastic game of reality
Is only what we perceive
What we see and hear
It’s ours for the millennium

Where are we going to be when the judges don’t see?
Hazy shades beyond curiosity
Might cost me…
Might kill us
Different perceptions of the way things are supposed to be.
So many sides to the same story
How can we deny the morals within our own sanction of trust?
Crossing domestic dimensions
Cures the fighter In me inside.
A baby cries inside
No need to tell me why I have a story too.
Bronx 95

vortex/36/soul love saga

fall and winter of 2011-2012 149

fall and winter of 2011-2012 293Stuck in a godforsaken vortex
A welfare motel
Cyfer and circles
Going around in a roundabout way
The state pimping me out to the day’s inn
A sub human
De humanizing way.

Ther comes a day
of recognizing and realizing
that was all who made you
who made you rlife
What is today
It is you
Who take pride and pleasure?
Or dismay at your decay
A responsibility
At how you view the world
How you dream
What you do
How you love
Who loves you
The games you play
To survive sometimes
Play you
Sometimes you have to just Give up and rise
Rise above yourself to something
Bigger Occupy
Our region for justice