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dis orders/38/soul love saga

Open your eyes and see me standing here


calling out to you.

Hear me as I speak.

I need you to listen to me.

Everything I do is for you

I sacrificed everything daily just so we can survive.

Lost my dignity.

My body is changed forever.

My soul is growing, thriving and suffering

all at the same time..

Guilt plagues me in the nights

as well as lonileness that dwells in the stillness

when you all sleep like angels sweetly


without showing dis abilities

acting incapable of progressing

or raising your families vibration.

You won’t ever read this

the lack of interested in everything

i say and do is capable of tearing down

every thing I have worked so hard for.

Instead of running away in the face of adversity

and chaos that constanly plague our lives.

I meditate and try to raise my own vibration.

I walk behind you and try to guide

while doing damage control.

I cook you meals at your own distaste

but I make sure they are wholesome

while you waste.

I listen to your screams and your disrespect

incapable of grasping reality

tearing at the boundaries like a holy terror.

I clean all day as a ritual

hoping to calm the savage beast

ease the chaotic into well being and

clear the mind.

while the structure is even

the mess from destruction

leaves dust settling in every corner

and broken glass that was shattered

in difiance.

My mind is in constant tramatic influx

searching for answers

while more questions are being created.

sometimes it is too much for one to handle

like throwing me over the edge

where is the grace

or guiding light?

where is my other half

making it right?

Where is the path or

instruction manuel

there is nothing i wouldn’t do

to make it all right

to feel the ease of love

that could make each day worth living

and enjoying again



conscious alignment

Joining the evolution

like a rebel coming from

the wastelands of reality

taking my prana into chakra’s

healing each one

against the currents of toxic waves

flowing my way from

every direction in this environment

Healing through light

transit pieces of well being

sacrificed by the reigns of

elementary reasoning

chaos that dilutes the life vitality

is the constant battle of disorder


moments of truth/38/soul love saga

random regal justifications

for ethereal seeming spring 2013 110

moments of truth that crush the heart

a smile, a touch an extra word

that really reminds you are alone on this journey

that the one crush is not yours to dream of

even though all the fireworks were there before.

never mind the load you carry is to heavy to do it alone

and too much to ask of anyone

and not just to anyone you ask

strength in character and a willingness to accept and grow

dedication to life and family with a calming demeanor

ethereal moments revived as friendships are reaffirmed

and followed, nurtured and thrive

under the most hostile of human conditions

through moments of listening and

intriguing considerations

the movement that one shares time

or responsibility

lifts a finger and helps

ease the burdens that you have seen carrying alone

for so long

so long I know what that is like

only to be discovered moments too late

being human unable to communicate




Catalyst/38/soul love saga

The laugh of a child,

the smile of a new being when you kiss their toes

that makes life worth it.

The dance of the gyspy

or records spinning on a player,

live music reverberating through the dimensions that

permeate your being, alter your cells, sync with your heart.

loss of the fathers that lead in this disillusion of life

I use to watch in awe and wonder how it would be

to have had someone catch me when I fall?

A river gaining momentum

changing ways forever

when all cells combined

in effort to move

uses vibration as a catalyst

to produce this poem

turn on a light

alter your mind to

elevate levels of consciousness.

preserving/38/soul love saga

when it comes down to trivial moments

self doubt succumbs to preservation

against all wishes and wants

against everything that I stand for

I stand against.

I am for preserving my soul

which is blackened by constant badgering

I am for preserving my dignity

awash  as toxic negativity  saturates my being

when mental illness rains down on my day

I  can’t make others choose the right thing

I can’t make others want to do the right thing

I can hold a light

for when they are ready

I can seek and demand answers

I can self care in this mutilation that resembles a life

one day at a time

i can convince myself that the sun will eventually

make it up over this mountain

and warm our spirits

sharing light to let us play


out in paperback today!!!!

IMG_1309_fotorMore Pieces of Soul love Saga” by Ms Michelle Crowningshieldwww.createspace.comsoul love saga is a large collection of poems and short stories that all interconnect. Some are fiction others are non fiction. I tell my stories of where I have been and I tell others stories that have remained unforgettable or those that need to be immortalized. It is a story of growth and learnin…


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Entrenched in/37/soul love saga


Entrenched in their

own ego

living amongst their lies of youth

they breath freely

and tight with me

with my ferocity

of weathered


protected by my chasm of love

a cave of walls

as they fought and clawed

their way to freedom

earned + undeserving

self serving in play

reflecting the tantrums

I needed to run



and throw myself into a lazy pile

in front of technology

instead of my meager hands

old and withered

before their time

working beyond their means

Remained focused on maintaining safety

for my children and my sisters

who had not been protected from violence

and decaying body

mind and spirit

I nourish these beings

in life tryin to hold my darkness at bay

filling their voids with my eyes and wrapping my arms around them

drying their tears with kisses

connecting their souls to light

planting seeds

in hopes that they will

thrive into the divine