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… First time that I have ever found an anchor on the beaçh.
I had to feel it’s weight on me. This has stabilized a ship through storms.
It could physically hold me down as it has for many throughout the years.
The contrast of black and white leave no room for the grey areas of my mind.
Been bought
Been sold
Ran away from any that’s tried to enslave me.
I know others havent been so lucky.
My choices lead me to some deep and painful consequences.
But I am free from them now
I’ve taken control of my life and consider myself blessed.

harder my being/18/soul love saga

nyc 055Harder My Being
You don’t understand
My experiences.
You underestimate
my being-
I had to take a stand
I’ve been-
To everyone I meet.

MY soul is taller
And darker
Than your shadow
On a totally eclipse of the night.

My hearts been broken
To pieces of compassion.
This worlds my addiction
Slowly killing me.
I m a lost cause

Set my mind free from what I have seen
Fly hard