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gone/ Soul love saga/38



Her eyes passed mine

driving down the street

The parables that cross all bounds of reason even time…

I had forgotten till the piercing gradational moments pass by

in his car… My heart stopped

I was on my momentary bliss from talks

workouts and saunas

dances and gestures

The past not even he we shared could know

Those moments last year

when sweet wasn’t innocent a practice to love

without guessing

the outcome wasn’t mine to choose

the outcome and left to rot and decay

she stands there

not knowing

like I on the day that she ran her nails

 up my leg

I jumped at the thought of

anyone coming in between us

and what was perceived at was in past life is again  today


~*serendipitous love story?/ 36/ Soul love saga


On my porch I listen to the ocean waves crashing against the shore

on my porch at home I hear the falls down the street

the crickets in my yard seeking a mate

filling my drums with the vibration of sounds

night sounds endearing my cranium

as the earth takes a turn around the sun

really feeling the city sin

Every movie,
every turn, every song
is a serendipitous love story
yet nothing happens in reality
I become increasingly
more isolated with each
failed attempt
each sign
lay within an empty vastness
going off a cliff
into a oblivion
each chance encounter is just that
a chance


wordporn I love you/38/soul love saga


dreaming with  mizpah intent

I found you there…

our bond connected through time and space

connected through life and death

feelings of retrouvailles

enveloped my body

I dance with abandonment

retrouvailles your all mine for a day

You grab me

because I wasn’t expecting you to be standing there

I looked at your face the joy emanated from my body

as you had grown and I had changed

reunited for this moment in time

everything else stopped

it was just us again after time passed

I saw your face though your hair had changed

and couldn’t stop hugging you

like I had mastered time

you were there with me

my air sucked back into my lungs

alexithymia takes over

I just can’t describe my insides

my words don’t work

I grab my pen

scripturient takes over

morbid placidity /37/ soul love saga


spring 2013 081



morbid placidity

the truth lies

between us

their lies over us

separating us

from common ground

the magnetic polarity of the sun flips

still doesn’t change this out come

it’s time to move on.

reminisce cafe/19/soul love saga

Coffee cup
Coffee cup (Photo credit: @Doug88888)

sitting in a small coffee shop

sipping cappuccino alone

looking out the window

longing to cry

couples sit by my side

sneaking love discretely

share new inspirations

my night in general

missing a sweet kiss

soft lips

gently I could kiss


forever endlessly

no shallow substitutes


I watch a homeless man go by

I’ve been there a couple times

I wonder where love is

seeing everyday lost wills roaming

it’s hard to find the strength

to make it day by day

I know there is more for me

looking down these streets

hold all possibilities

it’s not easy to preoccupy me

paradise won’t cramp my style

if I can find a way

the coffee will never taste the same

no beginning no end/37/soul love saga


Crowning moment of awesome

completely misunderstood

I’ve lost hope in balance

between love + chaos

I miss those moments of making music

and melting into you

gone gone gone

no beginning no end

in my past

memories that open my heart

making me want

more more more

american dream/ 36/ soul love saga


happy or not

I would have ravished you

I would

sad is me

the only men who love me

are married

I don’t know in the beginning

then it hits like a

thunderstorm in the winter

flooding my existence

lightening my path

so I can see

one man

made love to me like a primal instinct

then he held me so tight that one night

and left me for the american dream

when my heart found it’s place

in my chest

I fell hard for another

this was the separated man next door

all hours came to play

or argue with his wife underneath my window

he left me in a midlife crisis

for the american dream

this summer guy

held my gaze

grabbed my attention

even when I tried so hard to ignore him

grinning from ear to ear

for months I stayed away

till we met

it was inevitable

till his wife walked up

and put him in his place

all was well

till broke down my door at 222 in the morn

confessing his undying infatuation

I told him to go home

he had the american dream

the mandala in the tree’s/ 37/soul love saga

Its been a while

now since we made love

under the tree’s

on the moss of the forest floor


I’ve waited

I got use to your touch


I got use to your kiss


you warned me

+ held me

calmed me when I cried

I saw the mandala in your eyes

I saw the mandala in the trees

the trinity of being that season

aura around you as we kissed and

the words that graced our connection


dangerously close/soul love saga

spring 2013 127


dangerously  close

inside of me

like I felt your soul from the inside out

your heart beat synched with mine

an irreplaceable interconnection

the pendulum swings away riding my energy

assuring me  our time together is near

these are the quiet

moments before  the dawn

our love will grow and burn with desire

the crow/37/soul love saga




The crow flew overhead

as the children and I played in the emerald Green river

gathering stones, splashing and swimming

with her wing spanned across the opening in the sky

she flew searching and screaming serious in her ways

the storm is  coming, she is searching and screaming

lightening hits the earth and we began to leave

gathering our many things for a simple outing

the days pass like this

they pass slowly and  I start to loose my memories

of what it was like in your arms

your taste

your touch

the days pass like this

the whole world goes on without knowing our secrets

it’s almost like it didn’t exist or even matter

the balance of having something other than this day to day

monotony is replaced with emptiness

and I am overwhelmed once more

a mother destined to cook and clean

while my spirit flies overhead screaming at the chaos

screaming there is more to this life