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I surrender to the goddess within
screaming at me to
feel the feelings I forgot.
to feel desire, want and wishes
to live for love, in love and around it.
satisfy my longing, my mind and body.
to create from chaos and swim with rapture in Giai’s womb
exploring her fragile ecosystem
to touch and be touched

as I heal I am healing.
as I push my body beyond its boundaries releasing fear.
to savor every moment ad if it were my last
savor the divine connection embodying the power of creation.
satisfying dreams and desires

eat my soul energy vampire/ 22/soul love saga

spring 2013 125

eat my soul

it’s already not whole

used + old

schooled useful tools



sex questions



of future deals

explore my mind

visions you’ll find

constant dreams

music hides my lies

lyrics are my breath

only then can my heart beat

when confusions


awake in the night

vampires mysteries

sucking the energy from life

my untold realities

everything I know everything I am

as a gypsy

passes dances or deceptions

solo/19/soul love saga

DSCF2111Given a shot to my Boo
Baby I miss you
You’re all I need
and with you
I’ll never need more
Through it all
My love for you kept me real
Catching every aspect
to every situation
Never losing self-respect
Played the game to gain
to stay alive
Livin, to learn
And experience
Today I stand tall
To all
In a new pain
In a new way
I get my props
Call me crazy
I think about you all the time
You got me like that
Eye to eye contact
Neither denying
True is the time
Slipping from my mind that certain vibe
You put a voodoo curse on me
I try harder to just move on
Waiting my days away
Your loves caught me hanging on
Things appear to be gain
Stylin shamelessly
Livin in lies
, It’s all good
new things to say
conversate deeply
If you can hang keepin it real
fate will situate
Going where my heart guides me
one thing I can count on

dancing devil/15/soul love saga

nyc 039Dancing Devil
Have you ever danced with the devil?
Rode on his back?
Slapped him like you slap a jack?
Well I’ve got news for you boy
Now don’t be shy
Kick that king so mighty high
Common boy
Make him fly
Role a one
Role a five
Make him feel so alive
Change him change you
Pass it
Take it
Love it
Hate it
Make it
Break it
Creapin crawling
Your night mares are walking
S wrong with you hold my hand so gen-tal-ly
Ill light your path so you can see what’s going on