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One side step

One side step
A glance
A memory that complicates everything
A distant angle that engages
The core
Our souls
Flying fast
as the crow sings in rapture
Ruminating in the signature
Designing miracles
Through insperation.
Carry on
Gather your sense in a state of emergency
Captive in surmount monopolies.
Hold customs that carry the weight of wonder
The fallen angel holds still with electricity saturates our being
Manifest resources that clarify
Our passion
Our desire to unite under the graces of surgency dancing in extroversion

I am/36/soul love saga


I watch and weave
I listen and mend
I dance and cleanse
I see and dream
I watch and bead
I hear and tend
I look and wrap
I gaze and paint
I pray and garden
I meditate and cook
I seduce with food
I energize with words
I write and learn
I am