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Missing persons



Have you seen Rebecca Streeter? She has been missing since Feb. 25. check out ‘missing persons Rebecca Streeter’ on ¬†Facebook


they disappeared like the Caspian tribe

my friend smiled as the sea parted

in somber recognition

fed into the blacked abyss of not knowing

unanswered calls and plea’s

dedicated to the path of my friends

a loosened grip of injustice

where is that moment of grace

returned to enjoy the dance

setting you free

missing…. has anyone seen Becca?




sliped out of site

in the moment that I blinked my eye

gone like the whispers in the night

reunited in the journey dance

volunteer for the benifit for health

my empathic soldier

your guidence and grace

rest gentally on your shoulder

fragile and pale

we had an appointement set

to create a blessing


Don’t miss it.

My friend full of light and love

disapeared into the darkness of


shifting thoughts and dreams

opening the portal

into seeing

safe returns