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Sacred holistic arts~*survival

  This is the word that keeps playing through my head this morning as I attempt to figure out the best way to go about doing it in the up coming months before festival season. 

Survival is more than just trying to live in this world or being successful or even healthy how about being happy? Let others figure out their own source of contentment so you can work on yours. Yes parents I am talking to you too. Especially those parents of teens. Tomorrow I am sending my 15 year old across the United States from ma to California at his request. You never know what the right answer for someone else is so I am respecting his decision and hoping that he can heal whatever wounds he has endured and make a happy well adjusted life for himself under his fathers guidance  .point being we all have dis-ease and disorders name it, claim it and find a way to get over it. That’s more than surviving that’s living the life you love 


There is a vague emptiness

That surrounds my chaos

Surrealism that is misguided

As this life lived in reverence

Cast mundane aside

For a moon dance 

Saturating our cells

In starlight from where we came filling that void

To help us endure reality

Suggestions that marginalized 

The magnitude of being

A better human spirit.

Dancing in the dirt of reality

Gleaning lessons of a souls journey.

I push through obstacles

Giving back what’s not mine

Letting others be responsible for their own happiness and substandard choices

In their existence

Looking for a lifetime 

Beyond these fleeting moments of love to share mind body and soul 

Trashy existence 

Music for this topic ( scale down and synchronicity by rising Appalachian )

In one week I have quite the accomplishment!!!! One small bag of trash for four people! The rest is recycled and composted. We compost every thing paper, food pottery.  What can you do to keep your elimination to a small one bag in the land fill a week or even less? I reuse all the bags I can to pack snacks, make art and buy stuff with less packaging. It is hard with kids tho. If you can beat me and my Bag I am working on 9 days I’ll send you a piece of original art …. Send me proof a picture and your address…πŸ€”πŸ€—πŸ‘πŸΏπŸ™ŒπŸ»πŸ‘ŒπŸΌπŸ—‘we can save our world one space at a time. 

Art rampages


My hands are always busy. This week I continued working on my mobile. Well it’s not meant for me! I did use some recycled copper I came across at the dump!! Whenever I can I do. I use to buy copper from the recycling center but OSHA  had to go and make some law that says I can’t buy it from there!!! Anyways I had this idea that I needed to add one more piece to complete it and hung it. My son timeless and I went out to work on the teepee and have a fire and I came across this half wrapped gorgeous crystal that had been abandoned in the yard by a kid and time found a piece of telascope glass it was the perfect. Size for a combo! Now the double mobile is done. $250 total. After years of making this stuff I do know that some people can’t afford the whole price and want to buy just a piece of amazingness so each of the dangles is for sale too. I’ll have to figure out a way for me to list it on etsy! But I do hope it all sells as one piece since it is a divinely guided rustic eye candy that can’t be rushed process.   

 Adult coloring book 

Im going to sell some art for a coloring book probably with poetry too I haven’t decided what the best way to publish it will be but I wan sharing some pics of the art you ( my readers) are welcome to download and color! Ha arn’t you glad you clicked on my link today;) 

    Magic cloak is still in the making inch by inch row by row I’m gonna make this lavender cape glow. I hope that it will become luminous in the black light making pics pop we shall see. 


I have to admit I am broke so with two baby showers coming up I crotched some hats. I hope they love them soft and fuzzy. I can’t follow a pattern but I can crotchet almost anything to shape. 


 that’s about it for now thanks for reading . Behind me is the beautiful anja art work. You can find her under Jenna odhner



So doing this newsletter from my phone or old computer is a whole days process. It takes a a whole day to upload and it still isn’t up loaded!!! Lol.

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Love and light in all your creations

News Sacred holistic arts style….Β 

As time rolls on into the thick of winter I am left to discover the deepest recesses of my creativity.

     I am always in awe of our capabilities in the darkest of days while struggling to bring kids from here to there and where ever they need to go. instead of rampage and I often bring my arts or my crafts with me so I’m always mobile and I’m always busy and I’m always doing something. I often get asked what I’m up too and what I’m working on and what’s going on in my life so I think it’s time to start sharing because most of the time I’ve got my hands in to 50 things at once and most of those are pretty amazing… I will apologize as I am working by phone so I can stay mobile and work while I wait. 


  Last week I’ve had to deal with the passing of the really good friend, Jeff martell who is beyond amazing he lived his life to the fullest as an incredible musician. He wrote a song about me which will always play on my stereo as I recount all of our adventures. it seems that no matter how much time passes if you love somebody and then they are gone you never get to pick up where you left off hug, share moments and smiles. After I came off tour and went back to school I didn’t know how to live the life I loved without the hard core drugs that had sustained me. He taught me how to live for the music. He believed in me as a poet and we shared our work.  


 So in all this grief I put my mind to work and busy my hands  and create. That’s what I do that’s who I am;)  though I did get screwed…. Literally.. Lol I was trying to unscrew a screw in my sewing machine and put a screw driver right through my hand! Pierced it!!! Ugh but my daughter Zoe helped me pull it out!! It didn’t even bleed that much! How lucky from right in between my knuckles in the meat to the web it could have been worse.. She is going to be a dr.  And I am all better, soar but better. I can’t cry too much what would happen if there was a zombie apocalypse or something? I would have to  be tough

      Here are the divine offerings.. I promise no blood just sweat and teArs and some deep sacred connection



you can find this stuff at sacred holistic arts on etsy or check out my Facebook page with the same name 

 During the week I’ve been working with a homeschooler.  I have him choose a topic and then we go for it. we create our lessons around whatever it is that he wants to learn. last week it was reflections the first week that we started it was all about the ocean. this week we are in outerspace talking about The universe, the stars and the planets. life is good so far we’ve created two books that are pretty amazing … 

  So all this and so much more . Love and light in all you create