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auric light salvation

Induldge in the raidence of self realization
finding bueaty in every moment
from being in the sun
on top of a mountain
to swimming in the bottom of a stream
collect that raident energy from the
chakra’s and the open portal into the subconscious
through your body and out every cell
collect that raident energy to ground through the roots
of our vital being
we are a conduit in nature we become stronger
more balanced
stop and gather information
elate in the small moments
of evolution
a bee sipping nectar
a flower opening
a child alive
a baby full of refluxes
opening it’s eyes to our world for the first time
gather with like minded soul mates
Dive into the psychy to find understanding
collect symbols of clarity
notions of this other demenision
sing in unison to create a bond
that vibrates in the soul cleansing
past lives sanctions
death diliberations
you are a valuable conduit
for the matrix that our life is based on
close your eyes to see as I heal you
I look into that connection
creating context in the universe for being
I am the one who will enlighten your
body through time and understanding
my touch that brings life into stagnation
my feeling that has brought new vitality
to muscles
opens the pathways for healing
radiating the energy of the
sun, moon, and stars
cleansing the chakra’s
clearing spiritual toxicity
open your mind
to auric light
to salvation through intuitive healing











peace pagoda



The moon/37/soul love saga

The Moon is the most common major object viewe...
The Moon is the most common major object viewed in the night sky. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The moon stands full

in the earth night sky

crossing horizons

just to say good bye

im moving

im changing


like a satellite

void in detection

angled just right

moving cycles in my body

moving waves across the ocean

I find my center of gravity

as I rotate on

the axis of this earth

searching for purpose

in infinite possibilities

whispers faintly/25/soul love saga

water colour and ink $100
water colour and ink $100

The way life is
Changes before my eyes
The world amazes me
Turning below my feet
A power greater than
The difference of you and I

The moon,
So small in the midnight sky
Moves the ocean waves
Where is the power of motivation?
In one’s self
The love of life
Never meant to travel alone
Walking on a highway at 12 past noon

Where am I supposed to
Having no thoughts of time
Each minuet watched is another minuet older
Who is to guide my side?
Lost inside strange happenings
According to society
False beliefs
I go in the direction
Those melodies that lead me
Whispers faintly
Give directions to flow in