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So this is part of my music geekiness I love music!!!

i have spent much of my adult hood chasing music, listening or in clubs.

Dreaming about it now I am turning my poetry into music.

I am entranced by the idea of bringing poetry to people who would never take it on themselves.

I want people to stumble into, become emmersed in it that they don’t really know until they have fully been saturated.

Kind of like boiling a lobster.

‘Once you learn a poem, have a poem memorized no one can take that from you it is yours’.

I believe it was poneyboy or curtis who said the above quote.

The only one I really have memorized is ” everything gold’ by Robert frost. Amazing, simple and awakened. Need I say more?

I found that one in the classic epic tale of the outsiders which I was infatuated with when I read it. .

Sadly I have a terrible memory which is horrible if you want to be a preforming poet but I don’t have time for that now.

Sooo what do I memorize? Songs.

I can recall most songs as soon as the music starts to play.

There is a muscle memory that just picks up with music.

Not only that but the vibration of sound, my movements and memories as each song has found it’s way into my life at a certain time.

So this is why I continue to work on making this kind of progression.

Because for me it is the only way.




play me some music/39

Just give me something I can feel

In between

two sides of myself

a vibration of harmony

Something to gyrate my life

move me all night

breaking bonds from tradition

singing songs

I’m not a musician

I just love to play

geeking out on sound

and lack of structure

I’m set free

by music

rippling through my body

noise transfusion

by diffusion

through my pores I can feel it echo

through my blood and bones

radiating in my brain

live musicians are shamans

playing harmonies

inspiring dancers

jamming reality


healing time and space with their song

I’m grateful

to seduce and inspire raising vibrations

with my dancing

reckless abandon

melodies releasing the past and fueling the future

Finding and old instrument

that has seen many years

ideas, players and stages

is so erotic teasing me

with history

feels the same way

a gift from the goddess with pealing paint

and unleashed

raining down in inspired melodies

Eliciting music/ soul love saga

I ran my hand over the CD
it’s familiar disk
held loosely by my feelings
fastened with memories
every time that song played
ran through my mind
eliciting memories that
captivate my soul
Evoking feelings
Making me dance
Away from my comfort zone
Risking just one more chance
Singing just one more lyric
Reasons don’t matter
Just the lingering after effect of the tales told and rhythm played
The way chance and coincidence collided with fate in ecstasy dancing so close Image

quantum spirituality




I have a secret… My adrenaline is running wild as I am posting this. Making music is such a rush. I wish that I could sing but it is the words that are important. The music is just a stimulation for your auditory processing pleasure centers of your brain. enjoy…

This poem comes from the book Quantum Spirituality that can be found in Amazon…

ragged and worn/ soul love saga/38

puzzle peices

Little imperfect pieces of the puzzle rAgged and worn

Tossed and turned until it fits just right engaged and rigid
Racing to make sense of reason running  rhythmic
  firing at synapses  in my brain pulsing with enlightenment
engaging neurons
composing lyrics that drift on the escapades of my souls journey
A dance for which we can all partake
Music which sings in decibel that heals
my heart
       my mind and embodies me and my family
Singing as loudly as my voice will carry
Singing as loudly as I can
                                to heal my heart and sew my wounds
With threads full of magik knotted
in accomplishments
knotted in forbearance
that only survival can bear witness to this cross
Like a road diverged in complexity
Fires that ravage sanctuary
Teaching us that the only thing that matters is our beings
Our bodies held sacred
in the arms of the community we have given so much too
So much sacrifice
In return we are given what we need

eat my soul energy vampire/ 22/soul love saga

spring 2013 125

eat my soul

it’s already not whole

used + old

schooled useful tools



sex questions



of future deals

explore my mind

visions you’ll find

constant dreams

music hides my lies

lyrics are my breath

only then can my heart beat

when confusions


awake in the night

vampires mysteries

sucking the energy from life

my untold realities

everything I know everything I am

as a gypsy

passes dances or deceptions

pottery and solace/37/ soul love saga



Our bodies will inherit the earth

our cells divided

The quest for liberation

for personal freedom

and solace

away from family


stressfirst warm

day of spring

my feet are planted

in mother earth

naked connectedness

as close as I can get

walking on the green rivers edge

children run

free from winters

icy grasp

I glean rocks

and driftwood

hearts and stones

+ solace

in the warm sun

without explanation

to ease my relationships with

society and my house

ease my family

clean our mess


the never-ending mounds of


just smile in routine

instead of stress