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vibe in me/19/soul love saga

smiths permanent collection of 60's psychedelic posters


guess you don’t know


can’t you see


the world turning to my degree


gothic rhymes


jungle vibes


underground rules


the city found the energy


born in you’re mind


can’t you see


techno soul


betchya can roll uninhibited


in the euphoric state


signs of the times


make music mine


de ju vu, rendezvous


same time next week


listen to what I  heard  the beats so raw


the world turning to my degree


gothic rhymes  in the old church


past the village you’ll find jungle vibes


underground rules


it’s a mix


get off


to bring it on


vibe in me


throw away my sad


So I can control the mood in me


septembers/34/soul love saga

In a great avenue
I walked through
my fingers touching the cold stone walls
I remember the feeling of the great building
beneath my palm
the twin on the other side.
The shadows falling between the two
Where the sun shone the stone sparkled
on my way to work.

I was pregnant with my daughter
when I heard the news.
I saw the images printed from a fax
the day the twin towers came down
I was far away
in the middle of the woods
I listened to the radio.
Broadcasting our fate.
It sounded like war of the world’s

My baby tossed and turned
preparing for a life full
of flight or fight
raging hormones
indigo in theory
or existence
is chaos
So far away from that day
We are still dealing with
We are just one story
out of the world
whose been effected
by this nightmare
with no truth admitted in
Where a multidimensional truth is told
I remember my hand cold
The shadows created by the sisters
The stillness held in between