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water/36/soul love saga

winter 2013 634

One oxygen, two hydrogen

Goddesses represent the element of water
like the gods represent fire.
As water is the source of life like the females anatomy
Anahita is the Persian Goddess of immaculate water
fertility portrayed as a virgin
and the goddess of war.
She very closely resembles Ishtar.
Both of their animals are a dove and peacock.
Saturated in her ever flowing waters
swimming in her seas,
caring for her animal’s
betters our chances of survival
in opposing forces of fertility and war.
The waters of Sayella are the Goddess of time and prophecy
. She has the infinite knowledge of creation
while her timeless waters flow even through the darkest caves of the oceans.
The waters of Baveras are those of the sea.
Wild and untamed she has many faces.
In a state of constant transition she inspires artists and healers.
The makers of creation
owning a peace of our puzzle.

Wiccans represent water with the chalice. Using water or wine in ritual cups. Colors between blue and green can be recognized throughout the world to indicate water. Its symbol is an upside down triangle. We anoint in ritual with water purifying our sins. Most religions cleanse with water as rain cleanses the earth in theory washing away all that decay.

The four astrology signs that divide the year up equally are: Pisces, cancer and Scorpio all share some of same common characteristics of the water element. These people are able to feel the vibrations of those around them, very sensitive and can easily be carried away, fill others with healing energy or be an emotional drain. Regeneration, restorative, nurturing and dreamy describes a water baby well.

In the fung shui (literally means wind and water) practice water is associated with the female yang energy. Water holds chi (life force) and is associated with prosperity. Putting a fountain or a fish tank at the north or south ends of your house, whichever one is away from your bedrooms will increase the flow of abundance into your house.

Winter transitions water to snow for every ten inches of snow equals one inch of rain.  The snow glazes the earth like sugar that sparkles invitingly for us to come and play… Humans run around clearing and cleaning snow moving it  from one place to another.   The weather is  an amazing natural condition. I often find that it helps to stabilize my moods, in one direction or another.

The water cycles through the seasons an infinite supply taken for granted. Rain will wash the earth clean creating pathways that flow over into the rivers. Flowing the streaming waters, rivers, lakes and oceans it doesn’t stop there. A completion to the water cypher radiating evaporation into the heavens again. Carbon cycles from living to dead helping the living grow again completely reliant on the water. Our life repeats itself again.

Giai is so intricate in her complexity letting us bath in her veins. She lets us dance in her tears and swim in her womb. Rapture of the deep consumes some and releases others. I have been caught in her riptides wanting forever to be comfortable in her flowing waters. Feeling one surrounded by her filling my every crevasse.

We need water to survive drinking as much as we can manage to cleanse and saturate our cells. Depending on where we live the majority of the earth has to drink water contaminated with farming and industrialization. Still she flows trying to detoxify us. She lets us live gathering momentum for the future generations as our bodies become genetically modified organisms according to our environment. Still we drink and try to digest all of the waste water that has been treated.

As we meditate on the future ahead, work towards a positive view of the future one where organic soils have once again become rich and the water runs clean. With the last oil spill that has taken its toll on the gulf it sometimes seems hard to feel optimistic. The energy we need to see us through these next few years needs us to focus on the positive aspects of the future. Where we can detox ourselves from our codependency on carbon by making it available for everyone.  Putting our minds into solving problems and creating self-sustainable communities that are organizing green practices like: Solar and wind power, recycling, nontoxic solutions, and more holistic approach to education.  By 2012 marks the end of the Mayan calendar and the beginning of a new existence

How do we get back to simplifying? How do we find that pureness that we need? To nourish our bodies with vitality: Collecting rain water from the roof to water our gardens, saving bath water to flush our toilets, not using chemicals in or around our homes, clean up around the water tables and rivers to keep stuff from leaching into the rivers, reduce the amount of manufactured items that you buy into your life, don’t let the water run while you’re doing dishes or brushing your teeth, reduce the amount of carbon that you produce.

The water element is governed by the heart and the throat chakra.  Dominating your emotional needs, unlocking your past, and healthy emotional balance.  I fill up my glass carafe and place a few crystals in it depending on the property I need; I love quartz crystal for its overall wellbeing properties, adding a dash of amethyst for good dreams and love. I also place a little beautiful blue appetite in my water for its digestive properties with a little blue aventurine for friendships, love, reason and communication. In the summer I put some flowers in the water for flower essences. Each flower holds properties to help you in your life: cherry blossoms and jasmine for love.  You can find numerous books on flower and mineral essence before you do some rocks and flowers do have toxic properties while others are very healing. The very act of letting the water sit lets some chemicals evaporate making the water taste better.