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… First time that I have ever found an anchor on the beaçh.
I had to feel it’s weight on me. This has stabilized a ship through storms.
It could physically hold me down as it has for many throughout the years.
The contrast of black and white leave no room for the grey areas of my mind.
Been bought
Been sold
Ran away from any that’s tried to enslave me.
I know others havent been so lucky.
My choices lead me to some deep and painful consequences.
But I am free from them now
I’ve taken control of my life and consider myself blessed.

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Luminous is the color between usA hug that invokes endorphins 

Rushing blood rises to my cheeks I feel my temperature rise

You move me beyond words 

In this wild world.

You move me in the music you make

Dancing in ecstasy

To the rhythm of love

Magik for the book Quantum spirituality

My goodness where this journey has taken me wp fam! I had no idea!!! I am so thankful to keep pushing my arts farther and farther than what I have ever done before. Through out the years of working hard for the love of art.  To see this all wrapped up and being put into an interactive book where people will be able to access poetry with their five senses, see, touch, and feel, listen and taste….hmmm don’t have that one covered yet but can if we add some ben and jerry’s…thank you for watching, sharing and supporting this journey and being a part of it…. I love

Keeping evolutional fires burning/38/Quantum spirituality

Keeping evolution fires burning

This is the end!!!!!!
The end of recognizance
to others undeserving.
Time to inspire lead and initiate greatness.
True bonds without bondage
love without obligation or angst.
This is the time to settle in after a long fight
and relax,
Its time to let me mind be free
from activity,
noise transmission
from city scape to country.
We move letting our vibration
settle down from transition
becoming in tuned into nature.
Quiet as the snow starts to fall
blocking out sounds that escape.
sound scape’s of nature
becoming in tune with the mountains
after fall.
Mountains that ask to be climbed and explored.
Releasing aggression and toxicity
Releasing anxiety.
Letting it compost back to the earth
serving purpose for essential survival.
But not us, not here not now.
She winds out of control
spewing negative emotion that she has absorbed from
her ecosystem releasing all her venom on me.
Everyone releases their venom on me
targeted and confuse a chain reaction begins.
It’s time to move.
it’s time to let go
of all that we hold onto
all that serves no purpose anymore.
Dragging chaos and calamity through
the frozen river to be eaten by
bottom feeders.
I am done
feeding pain
feeding suffering
it is time to heal
it is time to be influential in healing
to set visions a float in the atmosphere
letting them rest in the minds of those we come in contact with
letting them wake that mordent fire
that has been  dormant and smoldering for too long
let it burn
let it rise
let the smoke and prayers
be carried to the sky
to the gods and goddess waiting their arrival
waiting for change
waiting for us to recognize that things can be different
that our cognitive abilities can handle
our gifts that we can evolve.
Nothing between

Magik/ Quantum Spirituality Poetic uprising gypsy montage

I am so close to the end of this project. I can almost see the light.

When I first began it started with a simple idea. Ohh you want me to put together a book? I can do that. And so it was….

Than I thought mmmm, wouldn’t it be cool if I turned it all into video’s and had a soundtrack for the whole thing so I can make it interactive like the first one but more. ….

oh but I don’t really want people to hear me, just my words.

I want people who have never had any expierience with poetry to be a part of it and fully emersed before they realize…

Anyway piece by piece this has formed into a way of life over the past year; Collecting art, artists, and video’s.

For better or worse I have been able to really rage these ideas.

I am so blessed to have found friends that I am so absolutely inspired by.

As I make the video’s that will one day be an interactive book but now hang out on youtube I get stuck in translation.

Then I remember something amazing that someone posted days, weeks or even years later and I have been blessed with so much cooperation with this project. and the ability to make it happen.

I have learned so much and continue on a daily basis making things work. I decided I have to because noone else can do it for me. nor would they even know where to begin…

IF only all this would lead to financial stability! For now tho I am totally in awe of where this is going and I couldn’t have planned this if I tried.But know that I know where it is going…. Watch out because I am on a mission:)

I want to share everything that I have been gifted with…

Here is my song for today let me know what you think of it

So this is part of my music geekiness I love music!!!

i have spent much of my adult hood chasing music, listening or in clubs.

Dreaming about it now I am turning my poetry into music.

I am entranced by the idea of bringing poetry to people who would never take it on themselves.

I want people to stumble into, become emmersed in it that they don’t really know until they have fully been saturated.

Kind of like boiling a lobster.

‘Once you learn a poem, have a poem memorized no one can take that from you it is yours’.

I believe it was poneyboy or curtis who said the above quote.

The only one I really have memorized is ” everything gold’ by Robert frost. Amazing, simple and awakened. Need I say more?

I found that one in the classic epic tale of the outsiders which I was infatuated with when I read it. .

Sadly I have a terrible memory which is horrible if you want to be a preforming poet but I don’t have time for that now.

Sooo what do I memorize? Songs.

I can recall most songs as soon as the music starts to play.

There is a muscle memory that just picks up with music.

Not only that but the vibration of sound, my movements and memories as each song has found it’s way into my life at a certain time.

So this is why I continue to work on making this kind of progression.

Because for me it is the only way.





Love and light to you all. I thought about opening another account for the holistic, healing aspects of what I do and keeping poetry separate but I am all one in the same and that is ok.  Sacred holistic arts is who i am and what I do. It has become my tagline for everything.  So from now on I am going to share with you what I would with people who are in to the holistic aspects of life. Things I come across that will ascend the vibrations of humanity. This is the essence of the online class a holistic approach to creativity  that I have been building . So from here on out I share, who I am and what I have learned so I can make others lives easier.

love and light


spring cleaning ritual

I awake with visions

running rampid through my head

taking over my dreamscape like an invasive species

running me ragged before I wake

and my feet touch the ground

my brain on adhd?

It’s all good

they took the everest out of my life

I go from one thing to the next all day

I find my floor.

Dance and run

circles around my stagnation

clutter and turmoil.

Clean sweep the ould leaving room for the new

essential oils

renders space available

for the climax of serenity

severed reality

by talents