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Authentic life

Why do people thrive on the anger red hot boiling the blood rushes to your face and calls your adrenaline to come play ?
they live for drama .
make messes of lives trying to eradicate any good feelings so the only thing that can coexist is us against them .
but it’s not us against them it’s we in the world.
 nothings going to get better unless we stand as a divided front.
Against those who seek to destroy our nature.
I don’t get offended by how many people don’t read my work when I see what it is they do pay attention too.
so I have a heartfelt thanks to those who take their moments to get lost my work 

and my world 

my heart 

because it’s everything I am and everything i stand for and you have to stand for something 

or like the rest you’re going to fall for everything 
you’ll be like the cattle told which way to go and how to get there .

where not to go and where to stand when to sleep went to breath.
That’s not us. 

It’s not who we are.

Natural born renegades fending of the throws of addictions to technology, drugs, drama,processed shit.
We are the strong searching out an original authentic life. 

Trying to find our place here and redefine our place on the timeline 

even tho


This should be easier than this….

so many souls

Rendering this life incomplete

from the disillusion of others realizations…

from their ways of life

trying to rain on my parade

can’t be happy for me


tho I work so hard to raise vibrations

tho I raise the children

doing more for them then

anyone else can

sacrifice everything including my dignity

just stick the knife in deeper

try and ruin everything I have worked for

because misery loves company

because disillusion

and disorders run your life

hear me out

the choice is yours and karma

is your destiny

if you can’t hold it together

don’t take me down

to the depths of your despair

tho I try to manifest greatness in life

putting in all the good I can

I can’t get caught in your vortex

any more…

Even tho I found love in my life

taking it day by day

I will protect it

with truth and honor

I will keep whats sacred ours

it’s my time to live

you need to work on yours

Raising wild wonders/ 37/soul love saga




one said it would be this hard

raising wild wonders

late nights

inconsiderate behaviors

+ obstacles

from everyone

constantly  focused

on family

cat scratching lighting

mounds of laundry

big enough

to loose the kids in

at least the bigger pile is clean

trash overflowing + filled

with a stench so unbearable

within minuets

millions of kisses a day

from dirty hands

to boogery cheeks + bloody knees

that have been peed on

-being blessed with vomit

and a cuddle when sick

is still better than a bad day

at the office


uneding abyss/37/ soul love saga

a failing buety
standing the test of time
in this dimension
that runs her ragged
raging hormones guiding her truths
eyes reflecting
your stories
eyes graced with more darkness
in her unending abyss
leading to her soul
face washed out and tired from
caring for everyone else
she can hardly wait
till a new freedom renders
the sun will shine
again warming your skin
after a long winter
full of so many kids
with too many storms