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Magik/ Quantum Spirituality Poetic uprising gypsy montage

I am so close to the end of this project. I can almost see the light.

When I first began it started with a simple idea. Ohh you want me to put together a book? I can do that. And so it was….

Than I thought mmmm, wouldn’t it be cool if I turned it all into video’s and had a soundtrack for the whole thing so I can make it interactive like the first one but more. ….

oh but I don’t really want people to hear me, just my words.

I want people who have never had any expierience with poetry to be a part of it and fully emersed before they realize…

Anyway piece by piece this has formed into a way of life over the past year; Collecting art, artists, and video’s.

For better or worse I have been able to really rage these ideas.

I am so blessed to have found friends that I am so absolutely inspired by.

As I make the video’s that will one day be an interactive book but now hang out on youtube I get stuck in translation.

Then I remember something amazing that someone posted days, weeks or even years later and I have been blessed with so much cooperation with this project. and the ability to make it happen.

I have learned so much and continue on a daily basis making things work. I decided I have to because noone else can do it for me. nor would they even know where to begin…

IF only all this would lead to financial stability! For now tho I am totally in awe of where this is going and I couldn’t have planned this if I tried.But know that I know where it is going…. Watch out because I am on a mission:)

I want to share everything that I have been gifted with…

Here is my song for today let me know what you think of it



The chocolate Fell on my tongue tantalize me
My taste buds stand the erect
Salivating as bitterness
Combined with the melting thickness
Covering all my points of being
Interests prescribed
Believing in this sacred ritual
That arose from a cup of well being a cup that nourishes the mind body and soul
Cacao with a Little sweetness
a little cream and spice to warm you inside and out
Rev your metabolism
Mend a broken heart
Savoring each sensual

ragged and worn/ soul love saga/38

puzzle peices

Little imperfect pieces of the puzzle rAgged and worn

Tossed and turned until it fits just right engaged and rigid
Racing to make sense of reason running  rhythmic
  firing at synapses  in my brain pulsing with enlightenment
engaging neurons
composing lyrics that drift on the escapades of my souls journey
A dance for which we can all partake
Music which sings in decibel that heals
my heart
       my mind and embodies me and my family
Singing as loudly as my voice will carry
Singing as loudly as I can
                                to heal my heart and sew my wounds
With threads full of magik knotted
in accomplishments
knotted in forbearance
that only survival can bear witness to this cross
Like a road diverged in complexity
Fires that ravage sanctuary
Teaching us that the only thing that matters is our beings
Our bodies held sacred
in the arms of the community we have given so much too
So much sacrifice
In return we are given what we need

creation/37/soul love saga




You are a divine

ray of light

amazing in grace

+ glory

you are a master

of this dimension

inspiring other realms

of creation

for creation


Hubble telescope image known as Pillars of Cre...
Hubble telescope image known as Pillars of Creation, where stars are forming in the Eagle Nebula. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

r energy

ripples above and beyond

in waves of love and reiki

once upon a time

I devoured in your likeness

and cherished

your words

ohhh how you whispered

big things

having patients

for us not directly on the path

showing us your guiding light

unto our path











thrives/37/soul love saga

signals posted throughout the day

conversations lead me back to you

against all odds and grains I go

to new worlds less explored

following the wind

to the vineyard moon

and the road that takes me

to where I want to go

listening to the phone

jumping for opportunities

that signal my time interrupted

from monotony

the swelling waves

radiate the love in my heart

the buoyancy for me to

make it through these obstacles

catching myself in riptides

careful not to succumb

to rapture of the deep

as  I swim naked and free

in the rolling waves

nothing between

me and giai

except  my skin

surrounded by the elements

the taste of salt licks

my body

the sun tanning

my hide

ing me from my life

The question remains

where do I really want to live

rural or city life

ocean or mountains

this valley

open and wide

with friends

and family

or where

my soul thrives