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spring cleaning ritual

I awake with visions

running rampid through my head

taking over my dreamscape like an invasive species

running me ragged before I wake

and my feet touch the ground

my brain on adhd?

It’s all good

they took the everest out of my life

I go from one thing to the next all day

I find my floor.

Dance and run

circles around my stagnation

clutter and turmoil.

Clean sweep the ould leaving room for the new

essential oils

renders space available

for the climax of serenity

severed reality

by talents


bath ritual/soul love saga

one by one the candles are lit

the flickering flame

behind the poetry

the smoke burning

as I give thanks

for the symbiotic connection my body has with my soul

that saturates the symbiosis

between us and the universe and the ground below us

I draw from the elements

around a ritual of 

thankfulness in life 

I hold space for those that have passed before me

I bath in chamomile and lavender 

the smell tantalizes me tongue

as does my tea

I anoint my bath with oil

and pour salt to purify me and

cleanse my body and soul