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The ghostly images/25/soul love saga

The ghostly images
of moms creations
underground odysseys
salts and subways
given time the world
will be mined
and whole towns
left behind

how our minds work
to destroy the earth
how little to recycle
how little to breath
We have left more
than footprints

pieces of my mind/ 25/ soul love saga

puzzle peices Pieces of my mind
Is running from time.
Far from the problems I hide
I can’t run all the time.
I can’t run away from me
Wherever I go it’s all the same
Makes me a lil’
That the baggage I carry
Sadness never leaves my eyes
No matter how hard I try
I can’t make it anymore
All the luxury out the door
Home sweet home
Hell in disguise
I’ve been so high
Gone so low
All in an angels plore
I still explore

purity/32/soul love saga

crane beach mass
crane beach mass

A day at the ocean is as refreshing as I can get,
the moment your head clears and you are connected to all the powers of the earth and the moon and the water.

There is that moment of connectedness as you enter the water like a baptism into enlightenment.

As your body becomes wet within the earths waters you are one. The smell of the mist the sound that fills your soul,
that cleanses you,


timeless state of exsistence/33/soul love saga

I forgot how to write
I learned how to live
in a timeless state of existence
l learned unconditional love
at the moment of conception
in the midst of madness
as the angels guide them through they’re sleep
they leave me this vision to embrace
helping me through the day
My hands are full
of love
The gypsy in me dances to the mystical lyric
my soul is rooted in daydreams
my body is surround in the oceans of Gaia
with universal energy
engaging my darkness to come out and play
drumming through the night
to the beat of creation
under the light of the moon
I am
what I am
to everyone
I am something different
I am a mother first
I hold the power of creation
within me
to create children
to create art
to create words
I am what I am

Timeless state of existence

unholy/19/soul love saga

nyc 106

nyc 111Unholy
Sometimes it comes to a breaking point
You’ll never notice
until you look back
when you thought that they forgot
you get a knowing look
when hardships go down
I climb my way to the top
A poets tower
watching aura’s of deceptions
a land of vengeful retaliation
Unholy shades of purple
Maroon rain soaks past pain
How many friends do I lose along the way?
Names escape faces, as new era’s move in

Not forgetting what made me
the past created a bond
We shared, lived, and moved on
Things shall happen
Causing a stronger Nirvana

longing for life/19/soul love saga

DSCF2440Longing for life
My heart in the sand
An ocean full of freedom
To clog / wash Delusions from my ears/eyes
Forcing hate away

Longing for happiness
Before it all ends/ pieces of me go astray
Giving the world to hands of no care
Can we rule everyone’s rights
make their dreams come true
we are the dream counselors
the dancers of night
No cares or energy to spare
or dare to deceive the nieve
longing for completion of their dreams

en route to Jamaica/19/soul love saga

En Route to Jamaica
I took myself to Jamaica to say good bye to my teens. Veronica had a ticket and I wanted to go so I did. I missed the island life. I wanted to be on an island and not stuck in the city for the summer heat wave. I walked the streets of the concrete jungle after coming back from Hawaii. I was so out of my element more here in the city than by the beach. I had felt so at home by the ocean. I missed being able to jump in the water at any time. I loved going to the beach as soon as I woke up. Surfing was hopeless here. It didn’t even dawn on me that I could go to the beach in New York at Coney Island. After seeing the water in the Harbor and the Hudson I really had no desire to swim in it. Never mind being cold and dirty it really didn’t compare to the waters of Hawaii.

NYC Dancers
I sat in the marble alcove overlooking the Hudson River in between pillars watching dancers practice. For a few hours they caught my attention moving up and down the stairs working on a routine. They were smooth in their transitions, their bodies’ fluid in movement to beat only they could here. When one of them walked over a medium sized black man with cute little dreadies that shot out of his head. “So what do you think?”

“I love it, what are you guys working on?”

“We are practicing a dance for Mariah Carey’s new video”

“Oh do you know Malik and Nelson?”

“Well I took Malik’s place, I am Robin and Nelson he’s over there. You know them.”

“Yeah it has been a few years but Malik use to go with my friend Brenda and we use to come to New York to hang out and go clubbing with them once upon a time. You know where they are at?”

“I heard that his girlfriend had a baby and they moved to New Jersey and he had to stop dancing to support them.”

“Oh” I pulled my ankles up under me on the cold marble. I studied his face: his nostrils still flared from hours of dancing. His muscles were raging from his bare chest. He was wearing shorts and leg warmers with dancing black shoes. His quadriceps and calves bulging from under his cotton shorts I could see his man hood rising to the occasion as I couldn’t keep my eyes away from his body glistening in the sunlight.

“Sooo what are you doing out here in this picture perfect location?”  He asked letting his smile hide his perfection with the brightest smile I had seen in a while.

“I just got back from Hawaii a few days ago and I was feeling a little island sick. I miss my friends and I wanted to be back and be near the water.”

“ Ohhh, Well I am glad I met you _______”

“Nicody, Nicody Ransom”

“We should hang out sometime.” I smiled and took out my bag. Pulled my pen and paper and jotted down my number.

“I would love too” He smiled back, pirouetted and jogged back to his friends with his cute little shorts flapping in his wind. He ran up to another guy who looked and waved and ran up to me.

“Hey pretty lady! How are you? We should catch up sometime, I have to finish this dance my break is over.”

“I gave Robin my number; I would love to hang out some time I live just around the corner now on Tieman place. I watched them dance for another hour or so. When I got back home coincidentally veronica asked if I wanted her ticket to Jamaica I jumped on the chance to fly again and promptly made arrangements.
I went to a travel agency that found me accommodations for two weeks at a resort on the ocean. Everyone had something to say about me going out of the country alone.

“Those Jamaicans will take you in the woods and chop you to little pieces with a machete.” Says my Boss.

“I live in Harlem and I had lived in the Bronx, I think I will be fine.” I says to him “Someone will try and sell you pot before you leave the airport.”…… I didn’t tell my mom that I was going until I was at the airport ready to board the plan in fear of what she would say.
The flight was only a few hours from New York. It took less time to get there by plane than it did to get to Massachusetts by bus. The warm and salty air was the first thing that you smelled. I expected a warm gush of Gonja smoke but that was reality. The Caribbean air was sweaty and sweet, Green and full of blossoming flowers. I was asked by my driver if I wanted gonja en route of my resort.

I had two weeks to myself and soo much to do.
to be continued another time….