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exploited/ 37/ soul love saga

So many missing children



thrown on walls

milk cartons

now takes

for every one to see

gone from the life

they know forever


they are alive /living

in good hands

dead /decaying

forgotten trauma

lost horror


slave trades


sometimes they never

find a way to escape.

those that do are

forever etched

in our memory

a parents worst nightmare

plagued by lost time.

welcomed into the community

with open arms

and unbearable

questions lost in the

deepest recesses of of the mind

soiled doves/35/ soul saga

winter2012 166*Soiled doves
I am
To innocent to turn
A tide
Not so, to splash
My mind
History plays on
Future so clean
A purifying mists
Of change
Sacred notion
Pivotal motion
In areas of realm
Amid sweet chocolate
I add spice
To taste
For vitality
I come alive
In love
One single morsel
Through realms of

unholy/19/soul love saga

nyc 106

nyc 111Unholy
Sometimes it comes to a breaking point
You’ll never notice
until you look back
when you thought that they forgot
you get a knowing look
when hardships go down
I climb my way to the top
A poets tower
watching aura’s of deceptions
a land of vengeful retaliation
Unholy shades of purple
Maroon rain soaks past pain
How many friends do I lose along the way?
Names escape faces, as new era’s move in

Not forgetting what made me
the past created a bond
We shared, lived, and moved on
Things shall happen
Causing a stronger Nirvana