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So this is part of my music geekiness I love music!!!

i have spent much of my adult hood chasing music, listening or in clubs.

Dreaming about it now I am turning my poetry into music.

I am entranced by the idea of bringing poetry to people who would never take it on themselves.

I want people to stumble into, become emmersed in it that they don’t really know until they have fully been saturated.

Kind of like boiling a lobster.

‘Once you learn a poem, have a poem memorized no one can take that from you it is yours’.

I believe it was poneyboy or curtis who said the above quote.

The only one I really have memorized is ” everything gold’ by Robert frost. Amazing, simple and awakened. Need I say more?

I found that one in the classic epic tale of the outsiders which I was infatuated with when I read it. .

Sadly I have a terrible memory which is horrible if you want to be a preforming poet but I don’t have time for that now.

Sooo what do I memorize? Songs.

I can recall most songs as soon as the music starts to play.

There is a muscle memory that just picks up with music.

Not only that but the vibration of sound, my movements and memories as each song has found it’s way into my life at a certain time.

So this is why I continue to work on making this kind of progression.

Because for me it is the only way.




vibe in me/19/soul love saga

smiths permanent collection of 60's psychedelic posters


guess you don’t know


can’t you see


the world turning to my degree


gothic rhymes


jungle vibes


underground rules


the city found the energy


born in you’re mind


can’t you see


techno soul


betchya can roll uninhibited


in the euphoric state


signs of the times


make music mine


de ju vu, rendezvous


same time next week


listen to what I  heard  the beats so raw


the world turning to my degree


gothic rhymes  in the old church


past the village you’ll find jungle vibes


underground rules


it’s a mix


get off


to bring it on


vibe in me


throw away my sad


So I can control the mood in me


obsessing dimensions /37 soul love saga





You could be sitting so still

writing one poem/meditating

all while so many dimensions of life exist


who am I? How is my being? How am I living? 

making my home? who and How do I love?

my obsessions, my family+ life’s work 


Like my patchwork quilt 

layers deep

interconnected by one spirit 

sewed by many strings

knotted in magik

growth + expansion this ever changing life

full of incomplete obstacles

stretching all limits of mind + body 

beyond belief working at the core of all you ever were 

adding to the potential of all that ever will be

even when life is at a stand still

the rivers continue to flow 

adding to the mass of ocean 

a collective conscious 

even as I collapse in my hammock +sleep

to the nights sounds/sky

with nothing between the divine universe +I

she reaches out and calls to me 

caressing my obsessions

as I lay waiting for my wishing stars

drumming/37/soul love saga

This drum is alive

beating like the

first rhythm

of creation

connected to

the divine

is alive

all the fires burning

in my soul

drumming this beat

in the midst of creation

pure sound vibrating

your eardrums

pulsing through your veins

rocking your soul

to thrive


with vitality

hypnotic expressions/24/ soul love saga

Hypnotic expressions of society

created for our dream land

mine is happiness

I seek serene

colours of hue

music, ecstatic bliss

love too beyond degrees

paths somewhere

in any direction

free where the kingdom is lost


every hour

I work harder

to unite my soul with

hundreds for loves sake

I fight to win

peace is my prize

another  sunrise and full moon

psychology , my dear


I ponder a place to plore forevermore

shall I ask …

ecstasy for me????

heaven shall love

in my heart today

tomorrow my soul

will take it away

question sanity

of those who whisper discretely

my ears, my body are above petty

I move on

till the next horizon

I will make my words



spring 2013 151

Seas across sanction/24/soul love saga


seas across sanction
Lie across the horizon
live among nature
don’t let Babylon carry on
bring truth to delicate ears
reasons are those
of the beholder
love on the earth
let it be
all the sights
our eyes can feast on

summons the dead/37/soul love saga

on restless nights
I summons the Dead
they rock my soul to sleep
with a lackadaisical
sweet memories that
make me shine
away the nightmares
phising smoothed my
ruff edges and saved
me from a dismal
caught up in the music
I bounced around the room
at my my lowest
comfort in the community
that sustains the soul
where the sirens call
and those timeless moments
where we can be
freesteal your face goddess

legacy/ 25/ soul love saga


It’s the difference
between darkness and light
like the ying and yang
a perfect equation
four your soul to rise
to pure beyond
half dark shadows half full of pure love light
webs built together
never without that connection
to the interconnection
not a dream an insight
just a minute in life
a second of thought
everything is energy
from our very move
the lift we
turn on our very sins
the hours we carry on
we strive for passion
to carry on

april 11

The ghostly images/25/soul love saga

The ghostly images
of moms creations
underground odysseys
salts and subways
given time the world
will be mined
and whole towns
left behind

how our minds work
to destroy the earth
how little to recycle
how little to breath
We have left more
than footprints