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summons the dead/37/soul love saga

on restless nights
I summons the Dead
they rock my soul to sleep
with a lackadaisical
sweet memories that
make me shine
away the nightmares
phising smoothed my
ruff edges and saved
me from a dismal
caught up in the music
I bounced around the room
at my my lowest
comfort in the community
that sustains the soul
where the sirens call
and those timeless moments
where we can be
freesteal your face goddess

legacy/ 25/ soul love saga


It’s the difference
between darkness and light
like the ying and yang
a perfect equation
four your soul to rise
to pure beyond
half dark shadows half full of pure love light
webs built together
never without that connection
to the interconnection
not a dream an insight
just a minute in life
a second of thought
everything is energy
from our very move
the lift we
turn on our very sins
the hours we carry on
we strive for passion
to carry on

april 11

The ghostly images/25/soul love saga

The ghostly images
of moms creations
underground odysseys
salts and subways
given time the world
will be mined
and whole towns
left behind

how our minds work
to destroy the earth
how little to recycle
how little to breath
We have left more
than footprints

our cells/24/soul love saga

enchanting memories
the past is so far away
no one really remembers
I know how you’ll break me
every time you ever needed me
the day you left destroyed me
I can’t do the same
today you told me all
I wanted to hear
from your cell
yesterday time
was the other way

wetlands/24/soul love saga

Intensity knows

my intention.

Incubation of resources .

If love ever went right I would have nothing to write.

My soul is yours forever.

My heart is broken.

My body is preoccupied.

My mind on you and you in my mind.

Your there where obligations rest.

where do we go now needing time with no boundaries?

With no guilt

no walls.

no lies…

He wants me to forget all of it.

put that memory away

“no” he says “erase the file, destroy it” he says” it feels evil”

Through the wetlands we connect an energy remainsspring 2013 096

fates signal/24/soul love saga

spring 2013 113

base of my morals
saw way to much
loving him kept me alive

Helped my to play flys game and win
the things I saw
I heard too much to forget
I was conned
into living with a *&^#

Love is the only thing
that kept me from a life
of &^%^#@%^&
I could be the %^&*&^
of Manhattan now
His face was all I could see
instead of lips
I never wanted to kiss
Hands of others
I have always wanted to deny

when I thought
I’d never be in contact
with him again
I let love in
he’s always felt that way
what the fuck!!!!
I dealt with the tears
where were you?
Now I have that
sweet special someone
who gives me all
he has to offer
my hesitance hurts???
I’ve been raped
from the insight out
inside out
I feel how I feel
but that’s not
how it should be
tell like it is
my hazy
sunset scene
explain the dream
I life peacefully
no gods grace
where souls are safe
from the universe
do I dare????
I do not know
I’ll wait for fates signal
So I can understand
Life will never be the same
If I change
do I dare???
do I care???
I love sweetly
foreversoundly and costly