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illuminating/19/soul love saga

woman in the wind
 water colour original 
by Michelle
woman in the wind
water colour original
by Michelle
My life completed all at once
as the moon rose to the Midnight hour.
Illuminating light filled the island
Hypnotizing us
as the ocean waves
crashing against the shore
glowing from the abyss below

feeling eternally one with the land
The earth and the sand

The night came into its final stage
August 28, 1995
Oahu Hawaii,

dancing devil/15/soul love saga

nyc 039Dancing Devil
Have you ever danced with the devil?
Rode on his back?
Slapped him like you slap a jack?
Well I’ve got news for you boy
Now don’t be shy
Kick that king so mighty high
Common boy
Make him fly
Role a one
Role a five
Make him feel so alive
Change him change you
Pass it
Take it
Love it
Hate it
Make it
Break it
Creapin crawling
Your night mares are walking
S wrong with you hold my hand so gen-tal-ly
Ill light your path so you can see what’s going on

reflections/18/soul love saga

nyc 044


Making me wait

So long in vain

I cried out in pain.

You’ll never hear

The moons reflection

You won’t see me.

A moment captured,

Small delirium,

A distance follows.

I didn’t think you

Were meant to be

Held to tightly.

I want to hear

What our eyes’ are sayin

When the time is right

Our vibes will hold all night

I wanna share my soul with you

as our lives interconnect

as our bodies mingle

I feel so sorry for anotha

Who tries to love me

I’m not sure of the future

The past is so sketchy

I try so hard to live my life

And live it right

Beauty through the centuries

I can’t touch her soul/18/soul love saga


I can’t touch her soul….
No, she’ll never know
Just how her glitter glows.
How she’s shined in my eyes.
The rays of hope
she sang sweet songs,
notions and tones,
an aura beyond her heart
All my life I looked up to you.
When the stars lose their shine
my dreams are shattered
My misconception is all that mattered
Where do I look for inspiration?
When mysteries weigh over talent
by reality
Who will concur my fantasy?
Why do we play in deceptions field?
I Wanna reach out and hold you free.
Cure your pain, heal your soul with of touch of my hand
I thought you were my love~ a strong independent woman
Your strength in words never went unheard.
My heart aches ,please stop teasing fate
You can hold your own
I can’t touch your sou.l
If there was any way I could help her now
Make her see
The beauty inside
She’s crying alone.
I can’t help her now
Master past and present pain.
Realities are sometimes so far away
on the dark side.
Envying her strength in song
I can’t help her now
all grown up and on her own.
She is crying lonely in the dark
white doves captured her mind
her loves flying high.
She can’t see where she’s going
Its so strange, bells on a dove
I’ve been through that phase, helpless substance
An easy way down
Beyond an existence of a vision
Keeping my head towards the clouds
Letting the rain wash away the pain
Like tears falling from our eyes
Always in disguise
Running with pride
Like a gypsy woman
In disguise
Without a trace of disgrace

Erotasy/17/soul love saga

ImageEntering Erotasy

Baby I found the key

To the secret senses

The doors unlock

Heaven awaits for play

Come to me

Enter my erotasy

Ride with me

We together

Will soar past heaven

Until we reach ecstasy

Come with me

Enter my erotasy

Circles of erotic love

Passions concur the midnight hour

Living open to the unaccountable time

Playing in fields of heaven
I reach out and hold a vision

Sensual touches my skin like warm air mist

Aching from inside motion

Orgasmic fluids flowing

Longing memories captured

Deep within my soul

Needed to caress

Every bare inch

Of your skin

All over your body

Everywhere an again

Come to me


Such an exotic creature

Fulfilling our fantasies come with me enter my erotasy

I need your essence

To run with the moon stars and the midnight sky

I reach out and hold a vision