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Luminous is the color between usA hug that invokes endorphins 

Rushing blood rises to my cheeks I feel my temperature rise

You move me beyond words 

In this wild world.

You move me in the music you make

Dancing in ecstasy

To the rhythm of love


Love and light to you all. I thought about opening another account for the holistic, healing aspects of what I do and keeping poetry separate but I am all one in the same and that is ok.  Sacred holistic arts is who i am and what I do. It has become my tagline for everything.  So from now on I am going to share with you what I would with people who are in to the holistic aspects of life. Things I come across that will ascend the vibrations of humanity. This is the essence of the online class a holistic approach to creativity  that I have been building . So from here on out I share, who I am and what I have learned so I can make others lives easier.

love and light


who is of the stars





Is it just words?

do we live by our beliefs?

can we be held to standards?

or is it our own inquiry that holds our limits?

that we provide

a shield against everything that doesn’t

uphold our values…

stigma’s that we created ourselves

Can this define our secrets and what we share?

power that is sacrificed by our search for happieness

our quest for knowledge

and our desire to play the game

Love that takes a toll

and drains our vitality isn’t love

A soul connection should raise our vibration

letting us be free to be who we are

without the defence mechanisms

that difine what we do and who we can become.

the definition is just words it is the actions that matter

Boundaries that should be created by both

keep us safe in each others arms

keep us alive

in each others eyes

I am in love

there is no defining it

as it continues to grow each day

I am just that a woman

who is ruled by venus

who is of the stars

who values

this sacred being

and our connection

mandala soul love art with ziggy marley

This video is about mandala work and creating the sacred intention of love in what you are making. The full how to video is in the course but this is a fast, fun way to watch art being pushed to the max. Sometimes when we want to give up on a piece you need to push it through for amazing results. I find this most in watercolors. This is a watercolor video that I made for my online class called ‘ a holistic approach to creativity it is a community building class about developing the fundamentals for a healthy lifestyle and learning to push through obstacles to produce art… the first half of the video I made my own music the second half I was inspired by Nicks, nora and Anon

check it out

Sun Dancer / 37/Soul love saga


6ft,2ft on hemp for sale 2000
6ft,2ft on hemp for sale 2000

I want to melt

into your sacred being

I am a sun dancer

trying to find reason

through the power of creation

a sacrifice for my life purpose

trinity love

my one regret

was losing our connection

playing in the golden light

I am your rainbow dancer

waiting for your music

so I can drum to find

our vibration

in the rhythm  of the life

we share playing

our heart song


touch me/38/soul love saga

IMG_2305Touch me softly

with the gentleness of a light breeze.

A caress that lights my soul

and gathers momentum as the tides

roll in for the night.

Touch me softly

where strangers don’t see.

Words spoken in the twilight hours

taken for love

given in love

waiting for love

to sweep me into a dream

off to a mecca

and island of delight.

Whispering for noone elses ears

a secret that wanted no one else to hear

between lovers

soul mates

so tied to each other

bonds not even dared ot be broken

protections from all the worlds

devistations in each others arms

moments that graced us as time stood still

pulsing sapiosexual/38/soul love saga


My being pulses

quakes as you speak


engaging and seducing me with your knowledge

emanating power through wordporn

satisfying my thirst for wisdom

my quest for education

I am a sapiosexual being

attracted by intellectuals

aroused by the profound

tacenda they say

but my splashing in my genetic pool

my eggs are waiting

tacenda they say

yet these are things that need to be said

not passed over in silence

this isn’t a secret

directly observing

genetically modifying

sifting through the macho guise

for scarce intelligence to pass on

wordporn I love you/38/soul love saga


dreaming with  mizpah intent

I found you there…

our bond connected through time and space

connected through life and death

feelings of retrouvailles

enveloped my body

I dance with abandonment

retrouvailles your all mine for a day

You grab me

because I wasn’t expecting you to be standing there

I looked at your face the joy emanated from my body

as you had grown and I had changed

reunited for this moment in time

everything else stopped

it was just us again after time passed

I saw your face though your hair had changed

and couldn’t stop hugging you

like I had mastered time

you were there with me

my air sucked back into my lungs

alexithymia takes over

I just can’t describe my insides

my words don’t work

I grab my pen

scripturient takes over

resend/37/soul love saga


P1010534 - Version 2


I resend my capabilities

devotional and lethargic

giving the most to the divine

and attracting the kind of abundance

one must work for

slow like honey and methodical

I go through my routines

hoping to find the morning sun

to awake me from this dream

laying in the arms so comfortable

if I ever had a doubt

I put my ear to his heart and listen

while the world tries to widdle away

at all that I have made

I listen to the beating

that keeps me safe

and smiles at this journey

because we are together

without regret

without reasons

that need to be defined

the world can continue to

widdle away

out of their own


but my bliss

is mine alone

to nurture

Four Days Awake
Four Days Awake (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

my warrior/37/soul love saga




when something so simple

as one of your oldest friends

becomes your lover

that trust

those memories

all turned new


when I opened the door

took a chance and let him in

to my chaos, my life

my house with the abundance

of love and overflowing dishes

he still saw me for me

for all that ever was, and will be

when turmoil and crazy tornados

threaten to destroy our world

he saved it gracefully

I am so thankful

to finally


being held in arms so strong

the winds won’t lift my feet from the ground

rooted in this composted soil beneath our feet

the air can whip our hair in unison

as we kiss

like a savage warrior

coming home from a long battle

rest in my arms

feed your soul