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Sacred spot

The most sacred spot 

On a woman 

The rebellious side of her nature

Begins here.

The root cause of her family,

Self love and destruction.

One spot able to rock the world

And spin a culture into motion. A soul attachment point to her connection to dreams and fantasies. 

Unforgiving and fragile convictions

Loved and callous

Rhythmic and pulsing

Piece by piece

Against the grains of society

Hidden from those notions of spring coming against all odds of a lazy winter

spring cleaning ritual

I awake with visions

running rampid through my head

taking over my dreamscape like an invasive species

running me ragged before I wake

and my feet touch the ground

my brain on adhd?

It’s all good

they took the everest out of my life

I go from one thing to the next all day

I find my floor.

Dance and run

circles around my stagnation

clutter and turmoil.

Clean sweep the ould leaving room for the new

essential oils

renders space available

for the climax of serenity

severed reality

by talents




The chocolate Fell on my tongue tantalize me
My taste buds stand the erect
Salivating as bitterness
Combined with the melting thickness
Covering all my points of being
Interests prescribed
Believing in this sacred ritual
That arose from a cup of well being a cup that nourishes the mind body and soul
Cacao with a Little sweetness
a little cream and spice to warm you inside and out
Rev your metabolism
Mend a broken heart
Savoring each sensual

Quantum Spirituality

water colour and ink $100
water colour and ink $100

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Not belonging to anyone

a part of everyone,

everything living


past and present and inanimate

as our molecules can pass right through

in diffusion and passive transportation

from us to everything

and everything into our being

like and unlike

The secret, the science

our laws

rhythm of universe

the light energy from stars

from light all light

builds our energy helping us thrive

the balance of darkness

a composting energy that

turns everything  back to dark

Quantum spirituality is the

evolution in theology and religion

science and spirituality


religions interconnect

with a common denominator

a common goal

beliefs to enlighten the worldview

through lucid mysticism

approaching the mass consciousness

with education

and profound service

volunteering to raise humanity

out of economic depression

responsibility and healthcare

All time is happening here and now

I see the light and dark resemblance of active lives

playing before my eyes.

dimensions of everything that can be

and everything that ever was

our gratitude or solitude seals our fate

inspires our soul

gratitude that fuels our future

abundance of natural abilities

I am so thankful for the abundance of love,

support and money that flows my way from multiple sources

on a continuous  basis

I am so thankful for

health and happiness of my family and world



spiritual vitality/ 35/soul love saga

DSCF4628Blessings plenty be so proud
gay and merry
as one must meet their
own maker
a house to call my own
a place to plant seeds
love in all world
love in all ways
a wonder in full ways
gains in luxury
harvest feeds
creative zone
lighted path
among my shaky ground
a stillness that calms our souls
that feeds our hunger
shaping our bodies
with a spiritual vitality
the time that endures
softly in the sacred realm
art from spirit
spirit from art
release me
show me the way
abundance of friends
guides my way

*Overcoming obstacles…societies shadows

*Overcoming obstacles…

Societies Shadows
Silver iridescent shadows cast
Upon sacred sights
Visions wonder
Across the midnight skies
Echoing sounds of nights
Lively terror
Anxiety creeps into
Darkened mentalities
Emptiness is souls
Angered spirits
Crossing each horizon
As loneliness dwells
Through my mind
My hands touch cold hearts
Stillness touches
My body
Happiness stands
As an illusion
Held onto yesterday
Until tomorrow