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the crow/37/soul love saga




The crow flew overhead

as the children and I played in the emerald Green river

gathering stones, splashing and swimming

with her wing spanned across the opening in the sky

she flew searching and screaming serious in her ways

the storm is  coming, she is searching and screaming

lightening hits the earth and we began to leave

gathering our many things for a simple outing

the days pass like this

they pass slowly and  I start to loose my memories

of what it was like in your arms

your taste

your touch

the days pass like this

the whole world goes on without knowing our secrets

it’s almost like it didn’t exist or even matter

the balance of having something other than this day to day

monotony is replaced with emptiness

and I am overwhelmed once more

a mother destined to cook and clean

while my spirit flies overhead screaming at the chaos

screaming there is more to this life