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capital gains



ImageTime solutions
Evil ution
Time consumptions
Simple notions
Easy medication
Rippling education
Mixed notions
False presumption
Mal adjustments
In capital gain
Bring pain
Criteria leaves average
Folk on their on their knees
Paperwork that kills trees
Brings forest disperse
In shuffling, processing
And time telling
Positions that have no aim
Bring the power
Back to the hands
That serves and not destroys.

eternity/24/soul love saga

As though it seems
Eternity never waits…
Nor stops for fate to pass
each linked second
Of a time
The center core of my being
Cannot compare
The longing alternate   style
Waiting impatient dawns
Through awakened hours
I see through your eyes
Can you venture through mine?
Finding mission unlikely
Standing face to face
Fighting the devil, pimps and crooks and drunks
won by love
I feel so alive this bright sunny day
Living life as a survivor
Ignorance is a lesson learned
Another day I ride
Sad songs of yesterday always make me cry
Thinking it’s about time
Life is way to insane
My next heart beat
Dead and raped on the street
Don’t look over your shoulder
The nights grow colder
Until I find a warm embrace

time/20/soul love saga

fall and winter of 2011-2012 120

When I see
my eyes are wide.
Every day I walk a new stride.
Never in the same life
Shall I eat
Not savoring every bite.
Capture each moment
Hold down slow,
Enjoy the show.
Time is my
Life is so little
To rush is not precious
Unless riches prevail
Smokey is my reality,
Hazy is my scene
Lazy is my body
From making me scream.
My mind is on overtime
Dreams and desires
Soon to be
Loving kindly
Teach me mildly
Hold on to your words forever
Teach me rough
I’ll learn other stuff.
Teach me reality
I’ll sell you dreams.
When you’re mean
I grow old
My blood goes cold.
My mind is a brick wall
I swim in an ocean of
Misery, furiously
I cry
I want so much in
Life, not to sacrifice
There’s not enough time,
to waste a second.
This gypsy soul,
Needs to travel more;
Dance and sing, live in peace.
Hold on to love as one
Appreciate time   96