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Seas across sanction/24/soul love saga


seas across sanction
Lie across the horizon
live among nature
don’t let Babylon carry on
bring truth to delicate ears
reasons are those
of the beholder
love on the earth
let it be
all the sights
our eyes can feast on

think, cleanse/18/soul love saga

winter2012 159

winter2012 197Think
I thought the truth
Might be easy
To tell horny men
Hoodlums and harlots
People who know me]
I thought I could change the world
For all those who care
Paranoia strikes the air
Games played times shared
I thought I knew how to love
I guess I don’t know much

Cleanz me of my sins
Make me whole again

Cleanz me of my troubles
Help me see my path again
In time of crucial manner

Cleanz me of life’s dis- eases
Let words be freedom
Of minds delirium
Hurting no one

Cleanz me of greed
My need to believe
may truth be our only savior.
In time of crucial manner

Cleanz me of guilt
write my love story
To overcome anything short of glory
Whose heart has shared…