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Stupid girl

You just got mind fucked again
Wish you could help
who you fall in love with
And fall out just as easy.
Twin flame that burnt
the fuck out of my soul.
Your addiction has cost your family
And me.

Audacious Tramp/ 39

Like an audacious tramp

thrown to the lions by her lover

left in the cold without care for her

frozen body has

already withstood

the test of time.

There is a divergent in reality

bringing her to accomplish

what lesser humans

would have turned their backs on.

It happened one day

beyond a spark of intuition ,

an awakening.

That couldn’t be passed heating her body breathless

awakening that mordent fire.

Is he yet another fleeting star

in her eternal dark night of her soul

or just a glimpse of warmth

that carelessly crossed her dimension?

A mistake that inhabited her brain

will the melancholy of the moment elapsed

doing everything that needed doing.

With endless possibilities remaining

she went about her life in wonder,

In want without wallowing.

While the economy collapsed she carefully

planned an uprising of soul

and stature

ascension to the greatest

level of

interconnected flames

rising on fire

burning bright in love

protecting them as they grasp eternity

with a willingness of vitality only known

to those who follow their path.

DSCF2556Love so deep
It seeps death
Until the last breath
Two souls combined
So deep can love be
Held only to devour
Of every minuets
Of every last hour
Formation of souls
Make love
Only one
The wondrous delights
Surprise in life
How soon can we love?
Hold on darling
While you soon discover
A new world of courage
I wanna be there
My soul is one
With the universe

Flyin through the air.