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I haven’t bombarded you with my usual abundance of
poetry and panic, Inspiration and muse.
My days are endless
and my nights feel sleepless and dreamless.
I hardly have time for a shower
never mind let the flow
of words vibrate from the ethers.
When did this happened to me?
Today fierce and determined
Not to undermine my soul
I set out the path
To find my way.
you can rise above reality
and set your soul free.
Find the truth of who you are.
You don’t have to know why people make the choices they do.
Realize it’s based in fear, love or ignorance.
It’s not you.
If it’s supposed to happen
All the obstacles in the world won’t matter
Let it go and be who you were meant to be. Better than you were yesterday


I breathe/I feel
so alive
My senses alert to
Each and every cell
A synergy of all my parts makes me
Unique/ whole
Dividing and multiplying
I am the mother of creation
Alive/and breathing
Forever in nature
I assume this position
The one control I maintain in this world
I breathe/
I dance
Feeling my interconnectedness with all living things
I watch the plants and the tree’s responding
To my energy
Dancing in unison the sound of the leaves
Make me come undone
Feeling free
From the mundane
Cooking and cleaning
I can be one with the divine
Source of my inspiration
I am free of this
The ocean waves in anticipation
Surrendering to the rise and fall of the moon
I feel the earth breathe in each and every
Cell saturated in her womb

I am/36/soul love saga


I watch and weave
I listen and mend
I dance and cleanse
I see and dream
I watch and bead
I hear and tend
I look and wrap
I gaze and paint
I pray and garden
I meditate and cook
I seduce with food
I energize with words
I write and learn
I am

my art/35/soul love saga

My art is for my words
There is no other way
They belong together
Collaging memories
ideas become foundations
freeing momentum
on a train
piece by peace
we work the page
until it feels right
like me
a complete memoir about my life
love and reasons for crying
thoughts forming in a twilight-end realization
my heart expands
feeling open

wishes/19/soul love saga

my art 093Wishes are words
Whispered in the dark
I stopped believing in dreams
Livin realities
I feel my body weak
I wished to touch you soft while you’re sleepin
I need your arms holding me strong
Don’t turn your back on me now
Your loves so crazy
I see no troubles
When I’m in your eyes
Wishes are words whispered in the dark
Searchin for you in my sleep
you haven’t come home to me
My love died in time
My feelings remain
Unforgettable memories
I hold sacred in my heart
My only wish to hold you in my arms
Wishes are words whispered in
I have to be strong the dark
Don’t hate the road I have to take
Sometimes I can’t see what’s ahead
I wish for the strength to move on
Every day I live an grow