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touch me/38/soul love saga

IMG_2305Touch me softly

with the gentleness of a light breeze.

A caress that lights my soul

and gathers momentum as the tides

roll in for the night.

Touch me softly

where strangers don’t see.

Words spoken in the twilight hours

taken for love

given in love

waiting for love

to sweep me into a dream

off to a mecca

and island of delight.

Whispering for noone elses ears

a secret that wanted no one else to hear

between lovers

soul mates

so tied to each other

bonds not even dared ot be broken

protections from all the worlds

devistations in each others arms

moments that graced us as time stood still


hangover special


this is my hangover cure not that I spend a lot of time being hung over but it does happen sometimes so here it is….

in one pan I like iron because it gives you iron( never aluminum or non stick because it leaches bad stuff)

I take a stick of butter and rub it all over the pan so nothing sticks

than I plop a hash brown down

a slice of tomato

and an egg cooked sunny side up and still goey

than as it heats up and becomes ready

I layer it on my plate…

hash brown , slice of cheese, pesto, tom, egg

and oh my goodness I think I ate this one meal a day for a week!!!



taste and fable/37/ soul love saga


taste and fable

I may conform

in body

but my spirit

will not!

my stomach

is tangled

my heart is prolapse

waiting for news.



sacred time

sacred notions

sweet moments

that last forever

hoping for more

more of you to touch

taste and fable

more sweet moments

that will stand the test of time


regions +territories



inescapable from

the what I

that dominate

our landscape

and the trials

that held our

life for ransom

the hurt unsettled

from this

unfulfilled journey


raw emotion/24/soul love saga

spring 2013 152from a distance words caress my soul
an essence of inspiration

intensity holds my heart for ransom
the energy was so extreme

the vibe so rich
I havent the chance
to spend it in all my life

you guided my soul
a prospective i carried
on my long journey

Your belly as you entered me
stays in my memory
when we were in for raw emotion
I ponder the words to explore
the spiritual quest of destiny
whos to lead me into paradise
sickness or drought

our cells/24/soul love saga

enchanting memories
the past is so far away
no one really remembers
I know how you’ll break me
every time you ever needed me
the day you left destroyed me
I can’t do the same
today you told me all
I wanted to hear
from your cell
yesterday time
was the other way

between us the truth lies/24/soul love saga

It was in her bed
I thought he loved her
his eyes fell on me
passion wasn’t only in my dreams
between us
energy vibrates
as the world turns
the story goes on
his skin falls to memory
his smile is for me
this I know
when he holds her
the words spoken arn’t real
it’s between us
the truth lies
enspring 2013 133

wetlands/24/soul love saga

Intensity knows

my intention.

Incubation of resources .

If love ever went right I would have nothing to write.

My soul is yours forever.

My heart is broken.

My body is preoccupied.

My mind on you and you in my mind.

Your there where obligations rest.

where do we go now needing time with no boundaries?

With no guilt

no walls.

no lies…

He wants me to forget all of it.

put that memory away

“no” he says “erase the file, destroy it” he says” it feels evil”

Through the wetlands we connect an energy remainsspring 2013 096