~prisoner of past life experiences

The Factory

Trinity love

Eloquent qualities of foaming ferocity, Bridled and labeled and held behind bars. Symmetrically stacked the mortar filled abutments defining said space Color coordinations, explanations of class, implementations of separation dividing mass Parades of badges, blacked booted with mace Restraint, constraint, the economic. YOU ARE HIRED!!!

Vanquished pride, surrounded in time, created by the push  of paper and the eternal struggles of an en-cultured mind. Those valiant attempts, now dashed upon the rocky shoals of unsustained will power, Entangled in methodology. Shadow puppets head games, amounting to time lost and time to gain. Ever Present hypocrisy, manifest by states of name and mind. The dualistic dance, a two step of con, the business of freedom, in payments of restraint. Keepers of inner flame, perpetrators in denial. 12940_1270772249961_3053420_n-1, snaggle mongrel, mindset-wistless invocations- ranting- vacant, idiom- Pressured- Antics, un- renowned- Embers, Decomposing- Septic, adoration- Loosely, Migrant-Abysmal-Opening, beckons_ Fumbling, grotesque, idolatry 29692_1456421011064_4460447_n The Drink Apparent breakage, the multitudes, golden frowned libations patronage, bewildered, vacant, Embracing , morose splendor, ambitious blather, surreptitious vexations, pontification spittle derelict, fervent accumulations, dismantled idioms, rendered docile through, wanton malaise timeTime Fragmented collections of Luminous understanding coalescing within trembling wonderment misrepresented as social normalcy broken in form, standing central fearful to be observed unwilling to be forgotten perpetual as gravity stolen away through rumination To cop ( to score) stuttering, the life force so dim, melted piles of wax, from where the flame once began, Vacant, Broken,Searching for cause. Tallying and counting, pointing out flaws. Wasteland of reason, the ego unbound, flirtations with infinity, the soul slowly drowned. Wingless ascensions a murderous ruse staggering hopeless, despair is infused. Rutty old sneaker worn through to the bone, the ringing of lovers , upon vacant phones. Bewildered and toothless, the world belches forth, casual implications, denial of source. still searching P1000709 suddenly unbound, the elegant misery, strides fully engaged in epic denial. flittering summations cascading beyond engorged cliques. masterful emanations belching endless deification

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