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animal magnetism/23/soul love saga

water colour and ink
water colour and ink
Animal Magnetism
an attraction
curiosity of sexual behavior
practice wonder
of the human body
my eyes can’t help but wonder
as I can’t help but breath
with every beat of
this broken heart
there is more
I can’t have
so no one will know
secret orgasms we shared
fantasies in kind all in my mind
there they will stay
as real as daydreamer
till the night comes’
only my dreams will hold the warmth
that I long forgiveness
in waking hours as eyes meet
my heart drops in defeat
a love that saved my soul.

ocean/19/soul love saga

fall and winter of 2011-2012 064

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winter2012 175

fall and winter of 2011-2012 089

water colour
water colour
The sound of the ocean waves
Is nature’s purest voice
If I could never walk by the oceans side
My last breath
Has already been taken me away
When the sand filters between your toes
And the sea crashes against your legs
You become one
Part of its being
With the rest of the world
As you immerse your self
The sun on a hot summer day
when you can play
Swimming with the animals that live in the sea
Teach yourself to be free
Take your land to play