pieces of soul love old and new

trouble  over my shoulder
like a sack for a traveler
I  wanna crawl out of my skin
just to get out of this place
why do I abide
swim against the tide

Love reigns the
king of compassion
innocence is your soul
overwhelmed by light
pureness no shadows
Easter 1997


my feelings are
of the devils
in defiance
of my very own being
My thoughts
My feelings
My attitudes
My perceptions
of my way of  living
How Naive!

 I am attracted too.
the devils cue
Hues of red
traces of blood
I can’t go back
To being Innocent again
I want to capture
Rejuvenate my youth
mend my wings
fly again
instead I choose
deceptive cues
I’ll never learn how to grow old
immortality is killing me
I’ll never be sweet only a tease
to deny my secrets
never my dreams

The drugs discovered

My friends
are falling
soon to be dead
all are special
promises of friendship are broken
like the

 torn wing from a dove
tears will fall for them




They’ve changed
I still love
think of the way
it used to be so pure
so beautiful like someone dancing on air
no glass to sleep on
no sun to turn you on
No one to show you how
The promises get broken
one by one
promises to keep from getting hurt
hurting for
hurting them
are you as cold as my winter storm?
will you be my special one? Tell me darling
what’s real?
fire in your eyes
melts me wild
holding on to sorrow and pain

is it raining in your mental plain
Will you be by my side
awaken to love
in the mornin  light
love is a feeling deep in your soul
That doesn’t go away with time
that shakes you alive
aching for more.




Lady Beware
in the darkness of midnight
for you are fragile with fright
I like the night
for you can see what hurts you in the daylight
whereas the night
the mysteries
of the world
holding a separate realm
all is its own
Lady beware the darkness of night
for you are fragile with fright
the darkness of night before you
mysteries collide your eyes
danger is always near

Let light in

In through the darkness

In through the house.

These moments


I cannot see

The outside

When all I can do is hiding

These moments plague me

Like an unfulfilled


*Race against time
without reason or rhyme
I’ve always felt this urgency
it slowed down just in time for me to
have my babies
I am always so busy
I get reminded that I need to
slow down
small moments
a hug or a smile
the warmth that emanates
between the bodies of
myself and my children
the chi that embodies
our interconnections
in those early morning hours
we cuddle to wake up
giving me just enough
oneness to keep our cords connected
knowing that we were once
just inside one body



An unmovable object

Conquering time worlds apart



                  As they drift

                          Through the

                                           Air like clouds

If thunder was

A voice

Have you listened?

Have you heard the sound of falling rain?

As it whispers

Our Name


Believe in justice.

Not in the systematic

Approach to life.

To give is to receive more…

Care not of closed thought

Blinded by

                    Society’s views

Hues of colour

Everywhere we wander

Holding what we wonder

Holding every thought that was carried

In the minds of memories

Believe in green

Always stay gold…

Money makes the world grow cold

Seas of sanction

Guilt reigns

Mirrored pains
Washing my face
From societies
State of minds
Seas of sanction
Realms of compassion
Have no say
In a world of decay
Left after dis-ease
State of minds
Seas of sanction
Can anyone win
Temptations and urges of discipline?
Morals of precaution
In a day of race and age
Not to whom
Respect is deserved
State of minds
In realms of deceptions
Distinctive essays
Professor’s red
Blood of lonely
Heart of blue
Ocean waves of prosperity
Enhance society
With morals of simplicity




Time solutions

Evil ution

Time consumptions

Simple notions

Easy medication

Rippling education

Mixed notions

False presumption

Mal adjustments

In capital gain

Bring pain

Criteria leaves average

Folk on their on their knees

Paperwork that kills trees

Brings forest disperse

In shuffling, processing

And time telling

Positions that have no aim

Bring the power

Back to the hands

That serves and not destroys.

Women’s studies, Amherst 2010

!dready mamma
your hair silver dreaded
flowing down your back
like a prized Nubian queen
in America, in a small
vortex town where even
the seagulls find their way
and hang
Hours away from the shore.
If my dreads continue growing
To my knees, with silver
flowing down my back
fading to flaxen
Will lines crease my face?
Under their weight
Looking at me with wrongful reality
because I am not one with in republican


$ I am 35
my Birthday today with a few lines
caressing my eyes furrowing my brow

my body with raging cortisol
The days of the mother
are full of checks+balances
that don’t include time
for care.

The lace under my black velvet
skirt doesn’t show much.

My black knee high boost
in disguises my Goth
The autumn sun exaggerates
reds, greens and gold’s
last dying days of life
as cold chlorophyll reaches the elements

Nature’ is in guise

-a gesture of reality.

A quiet moment among flowers

Only surpassed – by the rustling

Of the canopies leaves

A treasure tropism guided by Magik

Automatic reflex- igniting mystery

A proboscis unraveled into nectar,

Because of the   toes tasting…

In the pachysandra

Tickling wet from dew

Escaping aroma


Interrupts my sentiments


In her purest voice simplicity-spoken words

Through her humble movements- oceans and rivers

Waterfalls and tides

A voice that begins in a whisperer

Crickets-birds- rodents

Growing louder in an enthusiastic roar

Lions-tigers and bears


Is the most unreasonable in

Her earth quaking soul shaking way

Unforgivable tornado plow driven ways

Leveling and over taking

She continues to grow over our decay

Making right of all our wrongs

The brain

Illuminates the seventh chakra. Indigo in pure light

Spirituality in serenity

The brain

Workings of each individual man, woman and child

The brain

A rhythm for the syntax

Firing and connecting in the psyche

The brain is infinite in possibilities_

Infinite in realms

+worlds- living in unison between dreams+ realities