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for our benefit/ 37/soul love saga

Add new spasmodic affiliations

afflicted with past revenue

past grief

and wrong doings to my body

to my body wrong doings were done

done and disabled are the wrongs

of human kind done by mankind

the human body was meant to nourish the divine earth

saturate her with our blood

composed with belief

as we tended fields our most sacred

moon cycles fell from our wombs

un-pregnated to the earth we worked

as drops landed in plants we cared for

modifying the earth we walked among creatures

as we were once one

plasmas and secretions

fell from our bodies to the hungry earth

needing replenishing from sustaining us

now hungry the fields are

from being over processed

to many years of not being cared for

over utilized we have lost touch with


our purpose of completions

of mass populating matrix style

designating chemical warfare

on our own environments

cancers rise

neurological disorders

plague the earth like never before

as the quality of the food

we bring to the table declines

the master of materials

master of rules

master of the public welfare system

should make compost mandatory

recycling  obligatory laws

make community gardens necessary

food stamps and poor farm work

that begins our rise out of the oppressive system

that has held us down and under

work for our food work for our benefit

rise above the system to be the system

that stabilizes and provides our own needs

in ways that nurture our souls

providing the child care we need

legalize the plants that ban the pills

universal health care not sick care

capture the rights of the people

to be safe from gang wars of our generations

our generations that have fought for fuel

the only biomass that is sustainable is hemp

and bio fuel in this counter culture

mushrooms  that are magic to counter balance the toxins


fukushima daiichi nuclear disaster

nuke fuels that are pouring thousands of gallons of toxic waste

into our oceans are already having detrimental effects on the earths creatures

un-repeatable problems that will last for thousands of years

along with the oil spills  that would have been cleaned with tossed grass

and chem trails that keep flying

spitting and sputtering controlling our weather through destroying

our atmosphere

where are we going?

such simple creatures causing such harm

who is to start doing the right thing

who will go down in history

governing laws that protect and serve

us and the earth

who’s to be accountable?

where are we really going with all this?

surfing/38/soul love saga

Interest of time

scribing for the gift of the magi

gift of the gods and goddess

surfing in elemental waves of transfusion

coursing salinity through my veins

raging with the rush of pure adrenaline

riding against the wind

flowing with the current

standing on my feet

against  the world

with the world

I make it

swimming into a tidal pool

with a sergeancy of delight

I face the day with new  prospective




monumental freedom





in the ability to travel

and make choices

between life + love


My sky blue tidings

caged unearthed


unexplored building

a slow + steady love

learning patience

gives way to freedom

I wander

amid clarity + confusion

I regain my composure

amongst paper trails

+ reality

I maintain my off grid

membership my presence



stands in the mountains

tall and proud

in the rivers

cold + clean

gleaning rocks

pottery+ life

in the ocean

pure + wild

If ind my gifts

I find my currency

my wampum shells

to carry me through this


of a new + better life

sailing/37/ soul love saga

Deutsch: Fünfmastvollschiff Royal Clipper vor ...
Deutsch: Fünfmastvollschiff Royal Clipper vor Pula von der Brigantine “Falado von Rhodos” aus fotografiert. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

set the moment a drift

by the light of the full moon

rippling on the waves of the ocean

reflecting all that was and ever will be

carefully sailing  a clipper ship

in memory

navigating crosswinds as obstacles

head waters making way past stagnation

picking up speed with wind blowing the sails

picking up my hair as we fly through the air

going places we haven’t been before

weightless in her bounds of reason

rocking to her rhythm



feel every breath/37/soul love saga



Confidently live

so others may follow your direction


breath feeling every breath

salvation in golden light

showered from the heavens

the stars

the suns


energy of bliss

of light

born of chaos

living in a momentary reality


with the passing tide

transition that forsake us all

transition that could part

oceans leaving land

dryer than deserts



I live confidently

I will take my next breath

no matter where

their choices leave me

symbiotic relationship with giai/35/soul love saga


Laying belly to belly

her breath cool+ salty

rhythmic in her wave

her vibration

synchronizes with mine

interconnected through symbiosis

that courses through our veins

she needs me to care for her too

from space to place

wherever I walk

a holistic scenery

alive yet dormant

waiting for my energy

rippling through our every action

recycling worlds leftovers

planting food + herbs


leaving a delicate balance

between reality

and the gardens of eden restored

Elements crossover

my sacred lands

carrying seeds on the wind to another

time + place

ripplin energy/part 3/25/soul love saga

oil painting original by michelle $100
around the fire
“How brave is she who dares to follow her basic instinct? How brave are you to surrender to the enjoyment of your natural born freedom of energy, skin and life.
Your naked body represents a sybol of simpilicity
to be as we were born
to use the vitality that was given to us
to run simplistically
dance and play
to do what is desired
in the quest of happiness and bliss is not wrong
as long as it hurts none
do as you will.
As long as life is short
to life your life contained would be a slow endless death within a body of misery
teach me
to free my soul and let my mind enjoy happiness!”

Normally when you are
caught watching someone
during a private moment
your face flushes with blood
cheeks red
eyes turn and you walk away
This was different than
anything i had ever encountered
I knew I wanted to get caught
I couldn’t take my eyes off of her
I wanted unity with this kindred spirit
I anticipate
I freestyled a lyric
loud enough for the world to hear
she stops somewhere in the middle,
turning facing me directly facing me with all her flesh
she walks slowly towards me
her eyes looking
right into me as if she knew the whole time
I was there
My mind wanted to run and hide
at confrontation and truth
I am here
not knowing what to do.
Maybe I should run
from my spaced out moments
of philosophical thoughts
I froze, totally unable to move
she arrives finally
face to face
she smiles
a luminous smile,
one so perfect
it must never be forgotton
The sunset behind her gave her a halo
the rainbow around the sun
gaving her a aura like an angel
“My name is Luna.”
“I am michelle.”
She reaches towards me and pulls me close
to her.. Hugging me
through my dress
I feel her breasts
find their place between mine

full of that magik
that warms me from the
inside to the outer layers of
the strength of her arms is overwhelming.
I am so comfortable I can feel her skin
with every breath
I could hear her heart beating like a drum
natures hymn sounds
more like a gregorian chant around us
memorailizing this moment
Her scent is warm and softly
intoxicating like amber and ylang ylang
her hair tickles my nose
my lips accidentally graze her neck
as I face her again with our hands held
I have never hugged a stranger
with such evolved energy she smiled
the human touch is so amazing
Lunas hug left my body tingling wanting more
“Could you feel me there?” She asked as she gently slipped my straps off of my shoulders. My dress falls to mother earth in libation
“I Imagine you at peace finally. These days are scary
making you feel like life is out to get you . How would you feel if I told you my vision is lying and life is as chaotic as an enormous city or a jungle wild in

She grabs my hand and starts to run again
At first I tripped because sh runs so fast it seems like
her feet never touch the ground
my small legs eventually catch up to her strides
then I run with ease
we run faster than I have ever run before
Feeling so good to exert this kind of energy ,
to run free. We skipped through the dunes through tall and short grasses, flowers and moss until we find this perfect spot
There on the green grass is my djembe drum
“Can you play?” She asked in a soft sweet voice.
“I straddled my legs around the drum and sank in
to a comfortable position as
a quiet reply to her question
” I need a minuet to find my rythem”
“All right”
With my right hand cupped
I hit on the natural skin of the drum.
this action caused a loud vibrating
reaction that made all the plant life around me dance