Do you know/38

Do you know you’ve been my muse for a while I dream,

fantasize and paint you in my life.

LIke wild embers burning in a warm glowing light.

My celestial self recognizes all that is hidden in deep sub conscious terrains navigating the depth of my soul.

My pendulum swings your way.

My tarot reading said you were in my future and past.

I give you me.

All of me.

And intuitive healing,

Just give me a reason  to save myself for the ultimate

once in a lifetime love.

One reason to believe I dance in your dreams and play in your mind.

I see your eyes linger and it melts me.

Theres no tomorrow

I run after my composure to catch my breath.

Songs of the gypsy guitar/35/soul love saga/quantum spirituality

Repulishing Quantum spirituality with new work, remade… in paper and ibooks as an interactive book.

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Songs of the Gypsy earth Magik

Dancing through the air.

I can only imagine the knowing hands that dance on the rifts.

baile, baile, Baile.

The strings played created memories

in the moments that make you feel 

in a timeless existence.

Mystical lyrics 
fill the night air.

Capturing the stories in the tune 
like Ocean waves carried by the moon.

Clipper ships mark the territory in the ripples they leave behind,

gathering momentum in the turn of the tide.
Finger tips tapping on the strings echoing 
in the chaos of the mind.

Clicking of the heals 
echoing like drums ’round a fire.

Like the heart beat of the divine 
a momentary lapse of reasoning.
an illusionary bonding,

customary apocalyptic revaluations

crossing dimensions through time,

escaping justice through the lyrical rhyme.
Feeling the vibration 
in every cell of my body.

Creating change

present and future 
 with each…

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Keeping evolutional fires burning/38/Quantum spirituality

Keeping evolution fires burning

This is the end!!!!!!
The end of recognizance
to others undeserving.
Time to inspire lead and initiate greatness.
True bonds without bondage
love without obligation or angst.
This is the time to settle in after a long fight
and relax,
Its time to let me mind be free
from activity,
noise transmission
from city scape to country.
We move letting our vibration
settle down from transition
becoming in tuned into nature.
Quiet as the snow starts to fall
blocking out sounds that escape.
sound scape’s of nature
becoming in tune with the mountains
after fall.
Mountains that ask to be climbed and explored.
Releasing aggression and toxicity
Releasing anxiety.
Letting it compost back to the earth
serving purpose for essential survival.
But not us, not here not now.
She winds out of control
spewing negative emotion that she has absorbed from
her ecosystem releasing all her venom on me.
Everyone releases their venom on me
targeted and confuse a chain reaction begins.
It’s time to move.
it’s time to let go
of all that we hold onto
all that serves no purpose anymore.
Dragging chaos and calamity through
the frozen river to be eaten by
bottom feeders.
I am done
feeding pain
feeding suffering
it is time to heal
it is time to be influential in healing
to set visions a float in the atmosphere
letting them rest in the minds of those we come in contact with
letting them wake that mordent fire
that has been  dormant and smoldering for too long
let it burn
let it rise
let the smoke and prayers
be carried to the sky
to the gods and goddess waiting their arrival
waiting for change
waiting for us to recognize that things can be different
that our cognitive abilities can handle
our gifts that we can evolve.
Nothing between

Happenstance/38/Quantum spirituality/Soul love saga

A little more loved on the journey to the finish as I work on this interactive Ibook quantum spirituality…

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“Was it Happenstance ?

Everything that led to this moment?”
The image reflecting back in the mirror asks.
My eyes surrounded by lines that look like wings.
My eyes searching the soulless reflection looking for
truth in all that is placed before me.
A spiritual goddess on a quest for destiny
sifting through the reality delivered
or the catamount sex appeal.
Driven away from Babylon in a rage of glory.
Fighting demons to deliver a sense of normalcy
contingent on a plan.
Where sergeancy is irrelevant and obstacles
mount higher than my will most days.
I am trapped by my own beliefs and would starve in the face of adversity.
Believing I could survive off of organic rations unattained by usda.
Actually making a life lived well off of the land and art.
Basking in the glory of the gifts of the Goddess
through the winds of want
swimming in…

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Ancient Goddess/32/soul love saga/quantum spirituality

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It was raining

just under the trees.
I stretched my arms

and saturate my being.

When the ways of the world

failed me
I ran beyond

the boundaries

where I was surrounded by the woods

and sat with my back against

an Ancient goddess as

she revealed what was

important again.

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Quantum poetry/Soul love saga/39

My Quantum  poetry is like

that moment you get to a lake

after a hot day.

The traffic was rediculous,

You worked outside all day

You really wanted a drink,

to kick your shoes off and do nothing all night.

Except listen to your waterfalls and crickets around a fire.

Here at the lake…

Water sparkles beckoning me to the center.

My quantum poetry is like

a million thoughts in that one moment

summing up the completion of a lifetime

this and last; good and bad energy and raising vibes.

My quantum poetry is like that water

still and cool to the touch as I paddle to the center.

Tree’s and mountains completely surrounding me

as I balance and do yoga totally present in the moment.

focused on everything to balance

as the sun penetrates my skin.

My Quantum poetry is like the breath.

As I slowly move through all the poses

in my practice.

I am keenly aware

of my inhalation keeping my center.

Gravity is the matrix

of energy I regulate

knowing eventually

one pose is going to send me over the edge.

Totally saturated in the middle of the lake,

in the middle of Giai’s womb.

My quantum poetry is like my quantum spirituality

educated and ravious in finding balance.

Illuminating the darkness

covering my soul like a patchwork quilt

picking patches of what feels good

to keep my warm

at night

giving me something I can feel.

Meditating as I sew it all together

knotting each wish as

we are stardust.

we are our own shooting stars

as our conciousness is fleeting

Online course: A holistic approach to creativity~ earth

A holistic approach to creativity will empower you to be your best self.

This is more than a spark of inspiration this about discovering how to be your most productively creative self.

Utilizing the deep sacred knowledge of some really amazing teachers..

There will be 52 classes total sepereated into 4 different classrooms to help you grow, learn, play and connect mind, body and soul.





Learn how to access that divine energy that will help you love and heal.

This is a holistic approach to life.

Working on deepening your relationship with your earth and universe expanding your consciousness and healing through artistic abilities.

This life class that will teach you concrete ways to create a life of health, wealth and creativity through love, support and a lot of hands on practice.
You will be dealing with the spiritual, physical and emotional sides of creativity.

This not just about discovering yourself but transendance and reaching your potential. Utilizing holistic health practices creates a vitality that is always within you waiting to thrive and create.

Activily learn ways to be connected to the divine through discovering a process of techniques and exersizes .

You will discover that you can tap into your constantly flowing stream of universal conciousness and tap into an never ending source of creativity.

Learn to take challenges and turn them into opportunities.

This life class utilizes tips and strategies that have been accumulated through multiples sources of education including but not limited too: Cosmetology, Culinary Arts, Fine Arts, Environmental and Holistic Health, Healing, Jewelry making, Dream catcher mythology and ritual tools.

Other professionals will be creating and sharing profiles, video’s and tricks of the trade while working along side you as we all progress.

Many lessons come from Masters, Guru’s and hero’s.

Are you interested sharing your knowledge, barter or trade? Contact me and I would be happy to talk with you. I am in the process of designing 52 different sections.

Searching the globe to find what inspires us into making the world better.

The class will also utilize some of the knowledge of other participants.

Having found the niche in this world to be really unique and amazing we will all help each other to evolve in a sacred revolution.

This class is a community building workshop.

When you purchase this class you will have access to it for as long as the Internet continues to work.

You have just tapped into a collective consiousness that will open your mind and expand your knowledge.

While introducing you to amazing arts and health issues.

Each week there are posted assignments, exercises, recipe’s, video’s and meditations that are designed to put tools in your tool box and let you get the most out of your life class. .

What you can do is look at this course as a care and feeding for the soul.

A support group for creativity.

A place to nourish the divinity within you.

What I can do is give you affirmation not to give up and give you tools to thrive.

With care and feeding of the soul anything is possible.

Without a long road of obstacles you loose your sense of adventure. What adventures you choose to make out of your life is up to you. If anything the one thing I have learned is how to push through obstacles using creativity and holistic health as a vehicle for healing.

My life purpose is to make it through obsacles gracefully.

Thankfully this is not a graded course. You will get out of it what you put in. Simply stated I can give you the tools but I am not going to build the house for you.

I can give you idea’s but learning is a process and you have to work through the process.

You have steps that need to be followed and I have given idea’s on the different levels of artistic abilities that you can utilize if this is the first time you have ever thought about art or if you are a doctor of art.

The core development of who you are is a continuous processes and it is up to you to find the joy in the work that you do and how you spend your time.

My desire is to be able to work on community building and endless possibilities. This is an important aspect of this class. This is a community of people who will thrive from your experience, from your work and wisdom. Without this communication between us sometimes our learning experiences fail to be learned from and can turn into a forgotten folder or a wallowed in wasteland of blockage.

For $1oo- $5000 You will receive access to this course site and become a member of a community of thriving artists in search of intentional connection. 52 classes to help you grow, learn, play and connect mind, body and soul.

Learn how to access that divine energy that will help you create, love and heal. Work on deepening your relationship with your earth and universe expanding your consciousness and healing abilities.

Please contact me with any questions, comments, or concerns. No one is turned for lack of funds… The world is full of possibilities and options



Magik/ Quantum Spirituality Poetic uprising gypsy montage

I am so close to the end of this project. I can almost see the light.

When I first began it started with a simple idea. Ohh you want me to put together a book? I can do that. And so it was….

Than I thought mmmm, wouldn’t it be cool if I turned it all into video’s and had a soundtrack for the whole thing so I can make it interactive like the first one but more. ….

oh but I don’t really want people to hear me, just my words.

I want people who have never had any expierience with poetry to be a part of it and fully emersed before they realize…

Anyway piece by piece this has formed into a way of life over the past year; Collecting art, artists, and video’s.

For better or worse I have been able to really rage these ideas.

I am so blessed to have found friends that I am so absolutely inspired by.

As I make the video’s that will one day be an interactive book but now hang out on youtube I get stuck in translation.

Then I remember something amazing that someone posted days, weeks or even years later and I have been blessed with so much cooperation with this project. and the ability to make it happen.

I have learned so much and continue on a daily basis making things work. I decided I have to because noone else can do it for me. nor would they even know where to begin…

IF only all this would lead to financial stability! For now tho I am totally in awe of where this is going and I couldn’t have planned this if I tried.But know that I know where it is going…. Watch out because I am on a mission:)

I want to share everything that I have been gifted with…

Here is my song for today let me know what you think of it

I’m ok/39

I was handed only this moment in time

to recouperate my well being

and engage with here and now.

This is all I am, right in this moment.

I don’t want to be anything other than who I am.

While the day progresses faster than the earth

can rotate around again.

I make a sense of each single step praying for help

that doesn’t quite ever arrive the way I need it.

Somehow I make more of myself than I expected

and less mess than I remembered

Making it through another day,

I worshiped and prayed.

Finally having the strength to say

I am ok.

This pivitol moment in time

expressed through unreasonable requests

and long moments of meditation.

Making sense of tranceluecency of reality

regarding raising children

in this world today.