This Tribal Gypsy got to play with Secu Silla and Tony Vacca thought I would share the love.  There were a few other adults  I sadly forgot their names and quite a few rising all stars that captured my heart.. This was one of a series events for the Turners falls river culture. Since the nolumbeke projects has been doing this healing the sacred falls that Turners killed hundreds of indians in the town has started to raise it’s vibration. This has grown since the first young circle into a day long event full of different activities from all over. I was happy to see a nile/ conneticut connection. I felt like this was the best one yet I was very honored to be a part of it.

Velvet cafe/ 95/ Keith and michelle

Velvet cafe

create an insane

desirable velvet

pot smoking


o crave time of piece

and listen to

extra endless 

liquid rhythm

but sacrifice cold friends

remember yesterday

sacred magik

naked thought

relax lover

I danced with heart

as the night sky changes

I wrote this poem so many years ago with one of the best friends that I ever had. Kieth Butler in Virginia Beach. We use to play soo hard. I miss him soooo very much not a day goes by I don’t still think of him. Sadly he died of an overdose at 25. My world will never be the same. rest in peace lover. It’s time to share our story because so many people have forgotten by now.

Soul love/ Tribal Gypsy

Soul Love
A religion,                a faith
Of believing in yourself
Your power of
Overcoming obstacles of
being used and abused.
cyfer in degrees, patterns of life in
Celestial circles.
Just listen to new
perceptions shared
Insights gained.
Things that were meant to be
Or not meant to happen.
Things said but never heard
All good words
That never existed.
Soul lovin is your ability to love beyond reason
becoming a time master throughout all seasons
A manipulation of energetic signature matrix
for the development of humanity
becoming one with the universe

heart song

Life is too short and to precious to take for granted.

Listen to your heart and follow your dreams..

Run after them take a hold and don’t let go…

Your heart song is worth playing and listening to.

Raise your vibration

so everyone around you can feel the earth quake

with your magnitude..

like the drummer

I am gonna miss the way

he made the earth shake under my feet

and The rhythm

that flows through me

everytime he played.

Magik for the book Quantum spirituality

My goodness where this journey has taken me wp fam! I had no idea!!! I am so thankful to keep pushing my arts farther and farther than what I have ever done before. Through out the years of working hard for the love of art.  To see this all wrapped up and being put into an interactive book where people will be able to access poetry with their five senses, see, touch, and feel, listen and taste….hmmm don’t have that one covered yet but can if we add some ben and jerry’s…thank you for watching, sharing and supporting this journey and being a part of it…. I love

warm down/24/soul love saga/

when the birds caged

she squawks and moans

in rage.

Fury keeps the fire,

keeps her flyin

goin further


Indeed I would rave

travel and tour

gone the game

that kept me from playin



Actions of the day

my minds divides

as names remain.

My memories


hugs full of healing

warm down

to my level.

The magic is still there.

Indigo’s raising indigo’s/37/soul love saga

adding this one to “Tribal Gypsy’ what do you think?

Crowningshield's Blog

fall and winter of 2011-2012 059There is not a day

where I am not tested beyond

the limits of what I can handle.

With my craft and religion

nagging at me,

words fly around my head

unable to find their place on the page.

Due to rage

or running from

one place to another,

 any obligation that roots

me to reality

keeps me from

running free and traveling

down new roads.

A baby mess,

a chlild’s  needs,

all a priority

to the creation of work

that needs space +time.

Kids yearning to thrive

some of them arn’t even mine.

Bouncing through life

with no care for guidance

or respect

indigo’s raising indigo’s.

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