Free trade high

Time circles high Pushing through to what matters 

What matters most in this icy desolation Daughters of the revolution 

Sons of anarchy

All in chaotic bliss central to my location 

Central to the core of my beliefs 

Central to the Armageddon of 

my song, My rules, my choices

Who can stand by me

Holding the power of patience 

And dedication to family

Who can stand by me

Through acquisition and free trade

Selling humble wares

Witnessing the miracle of healing

And the erythema of harmony  

Humanizing humans

Poetry where my mouth wasA cause to support human evolution

A revolution in humanity

Creating a welcoming home for foreigners 

Legalizing aliens, ( what the fuck even a play on words sounds dehumanizing)

legalizing travelers that help a thriving community

Utilizing natures laws we create safety in migration

A salutation in solution standing together not in solitude

One nation one earth under the sky

Way up north

Way up north in the Massachusetts woods where the maple syrup flows and the dandelions grow first of spring awakens everything

Way up north in the woods we are Brewers of the dankest beer baby honey real tasty mead is even sweeter. 

The green river flows through the veins of crystal ledges

Way up north where the apples trees grow the hardest cider flows you’ll find me chasing monarchs through the milkweed fields or tearing bittersweet from struggling trees

Sacred Holistic Arts*~balancing and winter works


Is finding normalcy in this life even possible? We have all have our preconceived notions of what normal is supposed to be like, but is living it actually what we want? I told my daughter last night that I would love it if she could be happy all the time but that isn’t always possible. Sometimes we have to take life by the moments.  Sometimes you have to just find one thing beautiful and focus on that for awhile and realize that moment is beautiful and eventually they add up.

Sure I would love a house, a husband/wife I could be faithful too a great job and a group of friends I go out with on one scheduled visit a month. Sadly not my life right now and I would have to give up my summer touring around for one or more of the normal things and I am not ready to grow up that much yet. Stability is not over rated and yet I am not ready to settle for just any house or job that might take me away from my art. The key is balance.

Striving for amazingness is great but not if it makes you go crazy!  A little each day just do a little something and eventually it will add up! I am amazed as I begin to publicly share my stuff just how much I do make and as you get to know me and my life it’s a lot of chaos but I make things happen pushing through obstacles.

Patina time this picture right here is of the two arbiters that I made for the mobile’s and now I am oxidizing them so they are that beautiful turquoise color. I have been holding my breath for A few days during this process hoping it doesn’t destroy the work and enhances it nicely!!!!!!! For the know how check out my online course~ a holistic approach to creativity

Here is the piece before I started I added some more stuff to it. My niece came in and says”aunty M why you hang my dream catcher up there silly that’s mine” she is three. so we made it uniquely hers. Music by one of my favourites bands Lucid.

I made some one of a kind you just bought something amazing so I made you a really cool bag that your gonna want to keep:)

Nutrition health and healing

I really have a hard time in the winter. It is def not my fav. season! when it comes to maple season I get so excited! My family started tapping tree’s last year and I am hooked! It is hard work but when it boils and I grab a cup of tea or cocoa with boiling sap water that is our reward!  Sweet rose tea and sap water.

Bring it on! Here is my weight loss super shake.

2 scoops of protein powder of your choice

1 cup of Keifer

I table spoon of spiralina

1 tblsp of Hemp powder.
  I could eat a head of cabbage all by my self.

mix with olive oil and nutritional yeast and roast

 New stuff in the collection for sale

 Here is a pic of the unity scarf I knit… $110 this can wrap around my neck three times

White Lilly crown shown here by princess Lailah can be found on my etsy . She came to sleep over and wanted to play dress up!!!! Lots of princess dresses later.. I love this girl!

  New head piece unicrystal $45  
Can find this heady piece on etsy too.

These I haven’t listed so if you have interested pm me   

  Homeschool moments in timekids making cookies with sap boiling in the   Background .. Below is our field trip to shelburne falls pot holes

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Amazon you can find my two books… Soul love saga and Quantum Spirituality


There is only A few moments of the day left to dream. I escape and quench my thirst for desires before I retreat back into life.

As single moms do we tend to spend most of my awake time focused on my kids and how to help them be good world citizens.

I do what I love to support us. Not because I can but because I owe it to myself and everyone else to serve my life purpose as opposed to being miserably tied down to the grind.

I’m a hopeless romantic that can’t see past my own day to date.

I daydream but don’t have much time for the real thing.

Have we settled into our independence or just like sweatpants and don’t want a routine or dreams interrupted?

Shaman of my soul

The nights of my dreams love of my life, 

Shaman of my soul. 

Secret of universal truth Is…

 We are all one…

Watch me dance 

Through the horizons and rainbows Grab my hips and pull me close. Dance with me through the dappled moon light in the forest. 

Touch the center of my beingYou weren’t just a fleeting moment in my lifetime

Leaving stardust on my trail

You lit Wildfire in my body

Illuminating my soul

Rise from the ghettos 

It’s time to rise up out of this reasonA legal treason 

Impoverished ghetto seasoning

Guessing life wasn’t all we dreamed it would be 

but we kept on living

Kept on trying to make it work

Like a refugee 

we sought safety in the land. 

Rise up to be part of the community 

Supported by ambition

United by location 

Let them in

This wasn’t our land to begin with 

Sacred holistic arts~* kitchen sink yoga


Standing alone in this world against all odds I thrive. Taking life one moment at a time trying to have faith that all i need will come to me when I need them the most.  I begin yet another job to self support while giving me enough time to do what I was meant to do.



just breathe. I can’t let the stress get to me. I meditate on the here and now. Now being optimal since it is the only thing I can control.  Let the light into my body and adjust my posture. Pulling and aligning my spine by the crown of my head, sit taller. Engage your abs and you are bringing everything, all of your eternal organs, your thoughts into well being and activating them on a very real level.

Yoga teaches me so much about aligning my body and figuring out how the best way to position myself as work.

As a mom I spend at least an hour a day doing dishes. If I were a star I could hire someone to do this but I am not so I won’t. I do it myself and I have to utilize every moment I can. Ok so I am also dealing with winter weight and have to optimize every calorie and calorie burning minutes I can. Here are some yoga moves I do at the kitchen sink remember to engage your core and position and roll your body around being thoroughly conscious of your posture. I have drawn circles to help you position your body. Try isolations   slow  and fast like a belly dance shimmy.

Creators life

As a creator of everything under the sun my hardest task is finding a way not to live in a daydream. I am a romantic and one word or action can change my world and the way I think of it. I stand and a tornado of idea’s is ravaging me when I try to order coffee and I look like a bumbling idiot who just created a whole empire in my head.

Waging the rainbow watercolour and ink $25

Vending summer thoughts flowing through my mind

As I start to think about the upcoming festival season ( ok it’s always on my mind) I got a email from Alison one of my favourite artists in the world for conscious alignment. I am super psyched and ready to start working on applications. Tho as time goes on I feel like venues are increasing becoming more difficult to get into Is this on purpose?  As someone who does all her own work to sell meaning one of a kind handmade non production pieces it’s difficult to stay ahead! Banaroo use to discount artists I hope other venues learn this karma saving lessons as well


I love how pieces develop over time. They live through my life as they are made being tried on by dozens of kids. I take them to festivals and they get tried on by hundreds of people who love to dress up and get fancy fancy in the booth. It really is the reason I make these big intense things. I love seeing beautiful faces smiling at my wares. This one was worn in the most amazing performance by jazmin of the luminous Flo tribe during Pink talking phish… Amazingness. The picture was taken by Roger Gupta.

Holistic approach to creativity

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Amazon you can find my two books… Soul love saga and Quantum Spirituality


Finding your way ~Sacred holistic arts

 If you are reading this you are on your way to the sacred. We are all searching to better our lives one moment at a time.

Luminous Meditating   $60
We are a nation that looks forward to the future and lives in the past. Though I do believe that if you want to progress it’s best to learn from your past and have an idea on where you want to go in the future. The focus should be in the here and now. You really can’t live in any other time than the now. Now is just where you were meant to be. E Tolle wrote a phenomenal book here and now and it teaches us that nothing exists but the here and now.

New England is the only place where you can have all seasons happening in one week. Two snow days and one weekend really help me to focus on my work, my calling, my art. Snow bound moments in time keep me creating on full alert. Scrambling to make money and pay bills while staying true to who I am is a balance I enjoy.

$150 This is the desert dweller dreams

   This guy right here is laced with many dreams and the wire is pencil thick

I’m in the middle of applying for a HUGE grant through a company called Artplace. If you have big idea’s on art centered things in your community I suggest looking it up. If I were to get this it could make my dreams come true and bring an art Mecca to this valley. When I went to the seminar it was all about ‘ What would you do if you had unlimited resources to make your dreams come true?’ Sooo what would you do?



 There is a vague emptinessThat surrounds my chaos

Surrealism that is misguided

As this life lived in reverence

Cast mundane aside

For a moon dance 

Saturating our cells

In starlight from where we came filling that void

To help us endure reality

Suggestions that marginalized 

The magnitude of being

A better human spirit.

Dancing in the dirt of reality

Gleaning lessons of a souls journey.

I push through obstacles

Giving back what’s not mine

Letting others be responsible for their own happiness and substandard choices

In their existence

Looking for a lifetime 

Beyond these fleeting moments of love to share mind body and soul