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Authentic life

Why do people thrive on the anger red hot boiling the blood rushes to your face and calls your adrenaline to come play ?
they live for drama .
make messes of lives trying to eradicate any good feelings so the only thing that can coexist is us against them .
but it’s not us against them it’s we in the world.
 nothings going to get better unless we stand as a divided front.
Against those who seek to destroy our nature.
I don’t get offended by how many people don’t read my work when I see what it is they do pay attention too.
so I have a heartfelt thanks to those who take their moments to get lost my work 

and my world 

my heart 

because it’s everything I am and everything i stand for and you have to stand for something 

or like the rest you’re going to fall for everything 
you’ll be like the cattle told which way to go and how to get there .

where not to go and where to stand when to sleep went to breath.
That’s not us. 

It’s not who we are.

Natural born renegades fending of the throws of addictions to technology, drugs, drama,processed shit.
We are the strong searching out an original authentic life. 

Trying to find our place here and redefine our place on the timeline 


There’s an epidemic out there!

There is an epidemic of epic proportions out there. It’s t’s complying with the order of cease and is still successful at killing if it doesn’t kill the host it shreds them of their dignity and dreams. Holding their life hostage terrorizing families. 
I wish I had some great holistic advice. But I don’t other than wake up and stop fucking doing highly processed shot that’s killing you. ( I was going to put in the name of the drug but really any processed shit will kill you) 

I am sick of unnecessary death and dying and not being able to do anything to help except pick up the pieces. Today I feel so tired. I just want everyone to do the right thing for themselves, their families and their community.look at the big picture envision the future and choose life


    I am free to let the words flow.

    I am free to capture the lyrics from the ethereal dream.

    Turning realizations that escape from the recess of my mind. 

    With my basket armed with words I deliver you my raw connection to the divine, a gift.

    I wrote this poem for you.

    Devoid of expectation.

    I am a renegade poet lost in the youth of this life. 

    I write timeless mystical lyrics obsessed with these words flowing like a river in the caverns of my mind. 

    Lacing my thigh high boots

    Protecting me from the storm

    Keeping me sexy and warm I walk long in stride Hips moving gracefully from side to side. Progressing me in life. Momentum in motion

    My primal instincts can’t hide the wild woman in me. I’m a bone collector 

    I ravish lovers And set souls free.

    Loving unconditionally my children 

    Living in the context of this drug culture teaching right From wrong 

    Not from a hypocritical song

    Just a pathway from rugged neurons 

    Over sexualized society scarcely

    Blessed I in this babylon where

    Community organizes clash with my rave-nous assumptions Play on my ethics between right And wrong
    Reaching farther into the depths of the night I grasp things I can’t see

    Only feel. Stillness quakes the emptiness that rages through me like an unadulterated angst. 

    Embodied in irrational fear

     I find my feet firmly planted in the ground.I gather my bearings like a harvest.My wishes well established in the fleeting star dust.I find my voice 

    like a siren my song will bring the ships of humanity down.Unleashing the rhythms of justice With the waves.Immersed in the rapture of enlightenment basking in this 

    esoteric knowledge. I have to hold faith that my kids will fall in line with a righteous path.

    I’m too wild for you 

    Saturated in music and color

    The tapestry I weave is complex

    An intramural design 

    A lost art of the ages

    My dance is not for you as I move through grace twisting my life with every step I’m free. I have the luxury of moving my hips with the sirens song

    Surrounded by trade my soul is almost complete in trouble .

    Surrounded by the beauty created by the dreams of us

    I wish for love on every shooting star.

    Not settling for anything less than stellar.

     Strength of being strongly supported by our own intuition and music

    Luminous is the color between us

    A hug that invokes endorphins 

    Rushing blood rises to my cheeks I feel my temperature rise

    You move beyond words 

    In this wild world.

    You move me in the music you make

    Dancing in ecstasy

    To the rhythm of love

    leaves are green you can’t see the invasive species lining the quarter overtaken,overgrown decimating the population of trees. 

    Leaving an insatiable hunger

    Hopelessness in the republicans and youth today.The rate of poverty increases with policies and protocols.

    I break free from the restrictions harboring my soul and find a way to be free within this realm of unwanted terror. Escaping the box i have long out grown. Letting all your negative aspects of reality compost. I plant my seeds and grow beyond the confines. 

    Escaping prison that tried to hold me 

    Slipping out of the cuffs that contained me.I tell you what you want to hear To feed my children


    No labels sprawled across my chest 

    Ancient symbols lay over my heart

    Finding sacred in the dirt and decay

    Finding peace on heroin highway.  

    Through the smoke and mirrors 

    Painted nightmares of ones you love

    While you smell like sweet surrender

    In this apocalyptic nation. 


    Endearing of qualities 

    high atop of a tree 

    sat the hawk

    Waiting for your messages 

    Soft sensual sent 

    of Amber oil rubbed on my wrist, on the curve of my neck 

    inside my thighs,

    On my belly

    My temples pulsing 

    Radiating in this guttural reaction.

    I’m in waiting for return of

    My Moon’s reflection over oceans and rivers that rage without a cause.

    I am a rebel without a reason.

    Complete in the tide 

    I know your cells are actively engaged while you move through mountains in your dreams.

    Sleep with the angels

    Dance with the gypsies in a timeless ritual.
    Do you know you’ve been my muse for a while?

    I dream, fantasize and paint you in my life…

    Wild embers burning in a warm glowing light.

    My celestial self recognizes all that is hidden in deep sub conscious terrains navigating the depth of my soul. My pendulum swings your way.

    My tarot reading said you were in my future and past. I give you me. 

     All of me And intuitive healing

    Just give me a reason .

    To save myself for the ultimate once in a lifetime love,a sign.

    One reason to believe 

    I dance in your dreams and play in your mind.

    I see your eyes linger and it melts away the walls

    Theres no tomorrow I run after my composure To catch my breath

    Glare at me from the window

    Who I am is in direct defiance of who I am to become 

    I calibrate my crazy.Tuck away all my insanity And notions of reality momentarily, So I can raise these beings into the great beyond

    Suppressing the wildwomyn in me

    So I can ease the monotony of the day

    I am the master of my realm 

    The time master of all the plans in my house

    Loving deeply and compassionately until all the bells in this kingdom have rung 

    Alighting mind body and soul to universal and earthly intentions
    Be still my heart in rumination 

    Sanctification of the onslaught of love

    With every action I bless my home and body with incense.

    In my unwavering faith that fills every corner with smoke and prayers

    Trying to simplify my ever complex life making room for a new reality and abundance where only dirt and disorder reside.

    There’s no need for empty promises or delusions…I am set free from reality With chaos and Magik 

    It’s time to dance like never before.

    It’s time to create what’s never been done filling a niche with independence. I ride the trade winds of desire to erotasy 
    The mass is salacious 

    In saturated fall colours.

    a decitent palate of prisms reflected from the bright blue sky  

    erupting before our eyes.

    Most amazing fireworks display 

    Of regional moments.

    Breathtaking abundance making me want to dip my paint brush.

    Like a gypsy dancing through trees.

    Through yesterday’s leaves riding a caravan of a hopeless dreamscape. 

    Only to be awakened by the solitude of snow falling on an endless dream

    Green hills the space in between is vital but is open across the landscape

    I capture whAt i can but there is so much left out of a photograph

    Vital life energies and auras 

    Escape me in the world

    As i am only a conduit trying to capture the moment

    Nature is my muse

    Like the delicate petals of the flowers or the twisting 

    The crystalized look of dew on jewel weed reflecting fragments of the world around it

    I wonder if your eyes close to others like blinders from theory’s when love is real, truly and deeply.

    No time to wonder, measure and compare

    A connection so deep the drama falls off like rain on a pane of glass protecting our hearts from deception and deceit

    Sushi seems to be my answer to everything

    The buffets know me by face

    Smiling at this addiction to rolls and wasabi

    As reality sinks in and bills mount higher than my patients

    Endless phone calls

    And appointments lead me to a monotony of disgusted indigestion

    This is your reality not mine

    Your box

     I’m trying desperately to fit in  

     But my tendrils grow over 

    Trying to find the earth

     they belong in 

    while establishing roots and foundations

    i planted my flowers that grow outside of this mainstream life unable to cage up their unscrupulous beauty for the likes of living a normal life 

    Bullet proof Gnostics

     gaining attention

    Are coincidences just that

    And not meant to be 

    With every fiber of my romantic being i cant loose hope

    I don’t want to leave here 

    Surround by giai in all her earthly elements.  

    Sand protecting her shores.  

    Makes my skin soft letting me sink into her flesh conforming to her ways

    Her waters wave over me. Surrounding me letting me escape. Daring me into rapture hypnotizing me with her binary continuity

    Whispering her songs

    Most importantly harboring the sacred life of this planet

    Im a renegade running from my responsibilities created by someone else’s realities 

    I run my own game trying to walk in both lands never really fitting into either i slept under the stars 

    Savoring the moments with nothing in between the new moon and me

    Throwing my intentions in the fire while i boiled saltwater down

    I awoke to bunnies exploring my blankets

    I woke on the beach to wild ponies neighing their wishes

    We ran side by side 

    I ran my hand over the CD 

    it’s familiar disk 

    held loosely by my feelings

    fastened with memories 

    every time that song played 

    ran through my mind

    eliciting memories that 

    captivate my soul

    Evoking feelings 

    Making me dance 

    Away from my comfort zone

    Risking just one more chance

    Singing just one more lyric 

    Reasons don’t matter

    Just the lingering after effect of the tales told and rhythm played

    The way chance and coincidence collided with fate in ecstasy dancing so close 

    The chocolate Fell on my tongue tantalize me

    My taste buds stand the erect

    Salivating as bitterness 

    Combined with the melting thickness

    Covering all my points of being 

    Interests prescribed

    Believing in this sacred ritual

    That arose from a cup of well being a cup that nourishes the mind body and soul

    Cacao with a Little sweetness 

    a little cream and spice to warm you inside and out

    Rev your metabolism 

    Mend a broken heart

    Savoring each sensual sip

    I’ve been waiting all day to hide away 

    Away from chaos kids and disorders

    Away from chores and responsibilities 

    Find a few moments to find my soul

    Mend the holes 

    Sew a few patches 

    Knotted in disappear knotted hopelessness and broken dreams cast aside by meager means

    Challenges and disillusioned prophesies 

    I mend away libations overturned judgements and ease back into me


    Who I am

    Who I was meant to be I shimmy into my soul fixed and fitted

    It’s me and who I am today  

    Listen to my heart 

    Listen to my words 

    As they render incomplete 

    Bypassing laws and regulations

    Hear the rhythm connected

    To the universe 

    To the land we all share 

    The first Morning light 

    Warms the trees basking in the glowing rays rising 

    We are all made from star. Dust

    Bound by leather dressed in lace

    Lamenting in the seasons

    Welcoming change



    Solving situations 

    exceeding expectations

    Chasing memories

    Selling dreams

    Casting revaluations boundlessly into a universe

    Justifications trying to make sense

    Of the world we live in

    Dancing through the fog 

    With the parade of ghosts

    Lightening our way through the darkness 

    Passing over the landscape to freedom 

    A night of mischievous kissing 

    A night of healing

    Releasing the discord and knots

    That bound me

    Shroud me with silken wetness

    Saturating my soul with the landscape

    A psychedelic a rhythmic binary bliss awaits me 

    Sweet Isis dance with me 

    Till the morning light

    Till the dew dissolves 

    And the salacious

    Sounds of our feet hitting the earth

    Our brothers gone by holding company

    Our sisters visions enlighten royal ambitions

    I’ve been many things in my life. A master of creation dancing on the wind of music and a healer are some of my more fun lives. Today I am a blessed mom and foster momma to two infants! Love and light in all your creations

    Illuminating ruminating 

    Beyond rumination,
    I climb higher than the fog bank. don’t notice the earth quake or my heart ache.
    Enter again
    The nights of my dreams
    love of my life,
    Shaman of my soul.
    Secret of universal truth Is…
    We are all one…
    Watch me dance

    Through the horizons and rainbows
    Grab my hips and pull me close. Dance with me through the dappled moon light in the forest. Touch the center of my beingWorshiping the ways of women.

    Illuminate wonder in a timeless reign and ruminate nomore.

    Ravish my body’s infernal passion.

    Close your eyes learning external composition weaving the source of your dreamscape. 

    The web of a pure existence over and over again .

    Humanizing humans

    Poetry where my mouth wasA cause to support human evolution

    A revolution in humanity

    Creating a welcoming home for foreigners 

    Legalizing aliens, ( what the fuck even a play on words sounds dehumanizing)

    legalizing travelers that help a thriving community

    Utilizing natures laws we create safety in migration

    A salutation in solution standing together not in solitude

    One nation one earth under the sky

    Sacred Holistic Arts*~balancing and winter works


    Is finding normalcy in this life even possible? We have all have our preconceived notions of what normal is supposed to be like, but is living it actually what we want? I told my daughter last night that I would love it if she could be happy all the time but that isn’t always possible. Sometimes we have to take life by the moments.  Sometimes you have to just find one thing beautiful and focus on that for awhile and realize that moment is beautiful and eventually they add up.

    Sure I would love a house, a husband/wife I could be faithful too a great job and a group of friends I go out with on one scheduled visit a month. Sadly not my life right now and I would have to give up my summer touring around for one or more of the normal things and I am not ready to grow up that much yet. Stability is not over rated and yet I am not ready to settle for just any house or job that might take me away from my art. The key is balance.

    Striving for amazingness is great but not if it makes you go crazy!  A little each day just do a little something and eventually it will add up! I am amazed as I begin to publicly share my stuff just how much I do make and as you get to know me and my life it’s a lot of chaos but I make things happen pushing through obstacles.

    Patina time this picture right here is of the two arbiters that I made for the mobile’s and now I am oxidizing them so they are that beautiful turquoise color. I have been holding my breath for A few days during this process hoping it doesn’t destroy the work and enhances it nicely!!!!!!! For the know how check out my online course~ a holistic approach to creativity

    Here is the piece before I started I added some more stuff to it. My niece came in and says”aunty M why you hang my dream catcher up there silly that’s mine” she is three. so we made it uniquely hers. Music by one of my favourites bands Lucid.

    I made some one of a kind you just bought something amazing so I made you a really cool bag that your gonna want to keep:)

    Nutrition health and healing

    I really have a hard time in the winter. It is def not my fav. season! when it comes to maple season I get so excited! My family started tapping tree’s last year and I am hooked! It is hard work but when it boils and I grab a cup of tea or cocoa with boiling sap water that is our reward!  Sweet rose tea and sap water.

    Bring it on! Here is my weight loss super shake.

    2 scoops of protein powder of your choice

    1 cup of Keifer

    I table spoon of spiralina

    1 tblsp of Hemp powder.
      I could eat a head of cabbage all by my self.

    mix with olive oil and nutritional yeast and roast

     New stuff in the collection for sale

     Here is a pic of the unity scarf I knit… $110 this can wrap around my neck three times

    White Lilly crown shown here by princess Lailah can be found on my etsy . She came to sleep over and wanted to play dress up!!!! Lots of princess dresses later.. I love this girl!

      New head piece unicrystal $45  
    Can find this heady piece on etsy too.

    These I haven’t listed so if you have interested pm me   

      Homeschool moments in timekids making cookies with sap boiling in the   Background .. Below is our field trip to shelburne falls pot holes

     MCrowningshield @giaimagik View my profile page twitter


    Amazon you can find my two books… Soul love saga and Quantum Spirituality

    Shaman of my soul

    The nights of my dreams love of my life, 

    Shaman of my soul. 

    Secret of universal truth Is…

     We are all one…

    Watch me dance 

    Through the horizons and rainbows Grab my hips and pull me close. Dance with me through the dappled moon light in the forest. 

    Touch the center of my beingYou weren’t just a fleeting moment in my lifetime

    Leaving stardust on my trail

    You lit Wildfire in my body

    Illuminating my soul