wild woman/35/soul love saga

Wild woman
I have felt my wild woman
in the midst of transition
a mother bear guiding
her cubs
from danger
I have felt my wild woman
as a drum through the night
by the fire
as I dance by the hot flames
rythm beats a vibration
within my body
I have felt her urge
to stay on my path
of enlightenment
to empower
my waken moments
to do what needs
to be done
for me
my family
and the world
I have felt my wild woman
inside me as I lose time
inside the midst of creation
and the transition into motherhood
I see her in my art
in my art
I see my soul
in my soul is her

fails to linger/35/soul love saga

we only have these moments
of time
where we
seek an individuals attention
where our hearts open
our hopes expand + our dreams
are some place between reality + fantasy
our awakened hours are full of yearning for that
curious glimpse into someones life
just as slowly that door closes
as failed attemps defy
when eye contact fails to linger
when beliefs fail to align
+ smiles go unrecognized
slowly unfolding business

planting creative zones

Blessings be so proud
gay and merry
as one must meet their
own maker
a house to call my own
a place to plant seeds
love in all worlds
Love in all ways
a wonder in full ways
gains in luxery
harvest feeds
creative zones
lighted path
among my shakey ground
a stillness that calms
our souls
that feeds our hunger
shaping our bodies
with a spiritual vitality
the time that endures
safty in the sacred realm
art from spirit
spirtit from art
release me
show me the way
abundance of friends
guides my way

tantalizing forever/soul love saga

spring 2013 077Sorry I didn’t wash
the memories of your kisses
are still vibrating
across my body
I smell you comming from
inside me
I can still taste you
tantalizing forever
wondering how it will
all play out.

message to the goddess/37/soul love saga

Ready to play
to partner to journey.
A hawk flew right over me.

I could have touched him.

His wings spanned across the road.

A eagle circled above.

I sent a

message to the goddess.

intruder/36/soul love saga

lady with red poppies water color $100.00
lady with red poppies
water color $100.00
I wish when I see you
I could look away
but our eyes lock
like a magnetic attracting
breaking in my
like a sweet melody
apologizing for not
being free
for being attracted to me
so romatic
your declaration of love
I was fine
until you touched me
then I melted
on fire
I put my arms
around you
for a moment of borrowed time
and sunk into your chest
not today your not mine
my family is all I have
as you walk out my door
like the other one

wasted resolutions/37/soul love saga

water colour  l"'

She was left there
in her own
pile of wasted dreams
pushed aside in
her own drama
left with hopeless

summer solsitice ritual/ 36/soul love saga

DSCF2168Summer solstice is a sacred time of the year. A time for joyous celabration and creation
where we begin to revel in her harvest and abundance
bonfires are lit
as we dance in the midst of green
wicker of wooden wheels were lit and rolled down a hill to imatate
the cycles of the sun and the powers of possibility

The sacred herbs are mugwort and vervain thrown in fire
summer flowers are worn in
the hair as a crown alters decorated with a valance of flowers
ceramonies and sacred rituals take
place worldwideeven underground
in tombs and caves as one walks out into the earth reborn
give thanks by make a libation of cider or ale the the earth

great earth mother we invoke you
I call upon you on the eve of summer solstice
to celabrate
your growing green and great abundance of hearvest
we ask for your contiued abudnance and prosperity
guide me through the quest of liberation
without sitation
guide me to my emancipation
of this reality
laced with techonlogy
set me free
from connection

the longest day of the year
a time for purification
this is time to realease sadness
renewing bonds
renew your commitment to find true love
list manifestations you want to bring into your life
on your alter letting it burn out
and as long as you harm none
due as you will

rippling energy/part 5/25/soul love saga

winter2012 173the heat made us drip with perspiration.
the harder I played the higher we became
forgiveness oozed from our bodies
from all our effort.
with each drop falling from our bodies
all reality became lost
” The fire is a little warm.
Do you want to take a walk?”
Luna had a way of asking a question
that need action more than reply.
The further we walked from the fire
the more I felt the cool night air
as it settled over the valley of dunes.
We passed the last line of trees
in the orchard it became really dark.
“This place looks a little scary”
The grass had turned to forest floor.
The shadows grew taller
my eyes started to play tricks on me
everything around us had a face
that is looking very much alive.
“It’s not so bad sit here for a moment”
She motioned for me to sit next to her.
I found some comfort next to her”Look up”
Shades of red clouds against the darkening sky. She got up and started walking I followed
“amazing a large full moon is comming out from behind the clouds brightening up this whole area.”
The textures around us are more vibrant
“Look there is a silver lining in the clouds.”
“You can see it in the waves by the horizon
this whole area vibrated with silver transluecent energy”
“This sacred space has a long history of magik and religion that have been practived. I lived around here our family and others. we learned about natures laws it was a simple exsistence”
She smiled at her past.
we jogged to the oceans shore.
the waves crash against
our feet in three’s
“what a wonderful solar system
the stars alwaysy dance for me at night”
” I pray to the universe.
It is my maker and my creator.
where all energy comes from. For me
there is no higher power.
Just negative and positive energies
like night and day.”
“It makes sense.
this has been a simplistic revolution for me.
I had been so emmersed in technology
I forgot there was nature.”
The ocean mist is cold
at this time of night and
the waves soon numb our feet.
We dive in and full emerse ourselfs
in the gift of the goddess.
feeling the water wash away our sins
feeling the waves rock our soul
till we could take no more.
Naked by the light of the full moon
we walked out of the water
with starfish in our hair.
Gathering our clothes for warmth
We ran back to the fire
as we returned we could hear drums.
my heart started beating
really hard out of excitement.
The closer we got the faster it became.
There stood a circle of players around the fire
. all dressed in colours of the earth orange
and red hues’even their skin
had different tones
that blended perfectly with the earth.
I looked towards luna
her blue eyes sparkled with the fire light.
she urged us onward with a nod and a smile.
ther stood at least twenty drums and
various supply oif percussions
and dancers we came to look on and play.
the harder we played the more energy we had
the more smiles we gave
the more that returned our way.
Everyone had their own individual beat
they played bueatifully together.
Looking from the biggest drum down
I saw the familiar nod of talent
with the gaze of soul
at the constant slapping of the skin.
There is nothing sweeter than being
around new music being played live
the night is enchanting
My soul is echoing

A drummer with long blond dreads
grabs my arm gently
but strong enough to alert me
he steps real close
and cups my face with his other hand.
“Everything that you say and do matters”
His voice ticles my ear.
His breath is warm on my neck.
“Everyone you see and meet is affected
and shaped by you in someway now
and in the future. know this”
He looks at me intentionally
with his eyes the colour of a sea in emotion.
I nod in understanding as he guides
me down to his drum.
the energy is so wild I find and
adapt to my beat quickly
I am dizzy with delight.
as my mind plays with the events
of my unusual day.
Out of luna comes a voice sounding
like that of an angel from heaven.
Her words came out lonely at first.
her voice became full of soul
from the depths of an untouchable woman.
She sang this song as I continued my beat
“life is livin in the sound of drums
dancin and singin
till the morning comes
one with the earth
my body
her blood my water
her fire my spirit
till the moon darkens and I am set free again”
the moon started to darken
and the drummers started fading into the dark
the dancers were no more

I look towards luna
Her face luminecent
” There are infinite worlds and
infinite possibilities here and now.
Past, present and future is happening now.
All of time happens on this night.
A portal hole into infinity is open
if you want to come and join us
in between worlds is where I live
take my hand.
By the power of the full moon and cosmo’s
I arrived and now I have to go.”
She held out her hand
as her body became more