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… First time that I have ever found an anchor on the beaçh.
I had to feel it’s weight on me. This has stabilized a ship through storms.
It could physically hold me down as it has for many throughout the years.
The contrast of black and white leave no room for the grey areas of my mind.
Been bought
Been sold
Ran away from any that’s tried to enslave me.
I know others havent been so lucky.
My choices lead me to some deep and painful consequences.
But I am free from them now
I’ve taken control of my life and consider myself blessed.

Crystallized intentions 

Green hills the space in between is vital but is open across the landscape
I capture whAt i can but there is so much left out of a photograph

Vital life energies and auras 

Escape me in the world

As i am only a conduit trying to capture the moment

Nature is my muse

Like the delicate petals of the flowers or the twisting 

The crystalized look of dew on jewel weed reflecting fragments of the world around it


Luminous is the color between usA hug that invokes endorphins 

Rushing blood rises to my cheeks I feel my temperature rise

You move me beyond words 

In this wild world.

You move me in the music you make

Dancing in ecstasy

To the rhythm of love

Harder my being/ Soul love saga

Harder My Being
You don’t understand
My experiences.
You underestimate
my being-
I had to take a stand
I’ve been-
To everyone I meet.

MY soul is taller
And darker
Than your shadow
On a totally eclipse of the night.

My hearts been broken
To pieces of compassion.
This worlds my addiction
Slowly killing me.
I m a lost cause

Set my mind free from what I have seen
Fly hard

I love to hurt/In the beguining / soul love saga

I love to hurt
Love has been a terrible thing
It makes you hate
It makes you sing
It makes friend ships sink
Sometimes it brings people to merge lives.
Sometimes it tears lives apart.
Love and liars

I love to hurt
love patients is needed when love is here
never fear
Waiting around the corner
Love is a never ending story
Bringing tears to my eyes
Of joy and hate
Tears that still have no color
when you fall out of love

I want to feel free
like the many a nights
that I walked these familiar streets
I’ve ran with the moon the stars and the air
openly surrounding me
with only a small price to pay
Experiencing only the highs of life
with the lowest outcomes
having that freedom
erased my worries
As I escaped reality ,
stumbling away.
Constantly changing and adapting
learnin my own true being
new dedication
owed to myself,
time to regain
energy to continue in this life.

Societies Shadows

Silver iridescent shadows cast

Upon sacred sights.

Visions wonder

Across the midnight skies

Echoing sounds of nights

Lively terror.

Anxiety creeps into

Darkened mentalities.

Emptiness is souls

Angered spirits

Crossing each horizon

As loneliness dwells

Through my mind.

My hands touch cold hearts

Stillness touches

My body

Happiness stands

As an illusion.

Held onto yesterday

Until tomorrow.

Soul love

Soul Love

A religion,                a faith
Of believing in yourself
Your power,
Overcoming obstacles of
Being used and abused
cyfer is degrees and
Patterns of life
repeated until we learn
and move on.
Celestial circles of compromise
Just listen
To new
Perceptions shared
Insights gained
Things that were meant to be
Or not meant to happen
Things said but never heard
All good words
That never existed
just lived

Intuitive healing/ soul love saga/39

IMG_0316 spring 2013 140 native spirit peace pagoda winter2012 169 DSCF2771 winter2012 178

charcoal  and pastel  $100
charcoal and pastel $100
woman in the wind  water colour original  by Michelle $100
woman in the wind
water colour original
by Michelle
watercolor $25
watercolor $25
water coulor and ink $100
east heaven

winter 2013 634 winter 2013 670 winter 2013 659 DSCF2442

I close my eyes

and touch gentally on the spine


breathing in stardust

and the energy from the stars, sun, and moon

a three dimensional matrix rises up

connecting the web of life

interwoven and interconnected

to everything that ever was

and everything that ever will be

i raidiate in abundant healing energy

Deep wthin this life vessel

we are everything that we need

to heal a

vibrating paradox

Life force energies grow with

focused cell regenerations

muscle manipulation

healing the core of care

self love

clearing of chakra’s

time to release all

that serves no purpose

thin vail

IMG_4788the thin vail lifts from my sub concious

and my mood synches with the full moon

silver reflections fall on the earth

as I am given the momentary vision of this

universal conciousness

if only I can be quit enough to listen

to the words whispered on the wind

and echoing in my ears

that ringing clarifies

i find the sacred in the mundane

i meditate as i cleanse

leaving space for abundance