auric light salvation

Induldge in the raidence of self realization
finding bueaty in every moment
from being in the sun
on top of a mountain
to swimming in the bottom of a stream
collect that raident energy from the
chakra’s and the open portal into the subconscious
through your body and out every cell
collect that raident energy to ground through the roots
of our vital being
we are a conduit in nature we become stronger
more balanced
stop and gather information
elate in the small moments
of evolution
a bee sipping nectar
a flower opening
a child alive
a baby full of refluxes
opening it’s eyes to our world for the first time
gather with like minded soul mates
Dive into the psychy to find understanding
collect symbols of clarity
notions of this other demenision
sing in unison to create a bond
that vibrates in the soul cleansing
past lives sanctions
death diliberations
you are a valuable conduit
for the matrix that our life is based on
close your eyes to see as I heal you
I look into that connection
creating context in the universe for being
I am the one who will enlighten your
body through time and understanding
my touch that brings life into stagnation
my feeling that has brought new vitality
to muscles
opens the pathways for healing
radiating the energy of the
sun, moon, and stars
cleansing the chakra’s
clearing spiritual toxicity
open your mind
to auric light
to salvation through intuitive healing











peace pagoda



sublime manifestations


Can you really be seen for the boundless cells of energy
grid lined with your body, outside of your body
a transmission of all ascension
creation to renagade soul solutions.

We are at the peak of enlightenment
an open door to the universal energies
of the sun, moon, and stars
pure energy guiding us
or reflecting from our bodies by way
of our influx of toxicity
pure energy that sustains us
leaving our reality in sublime manifestations
gathering our soulmates to play
in the great beyond

Transform into
trancendental being of enlightenment
through meditation
Opening the chakra’s through the divine light
allowing light energy to radiate through you
into the earth
a matrix style of healing
Where the higherself integrates
with mind, body and soul
one love
cells regenerate
and agelessness
falls into timelessness
As a guidence overtakes and directs you where to go…

Wild womyn

spring 2013 073

Lacing my thigh high boots
Protecting me from the storm
Keeping me sexy and warm
I walk long in stride
Hips moving gracefully from side to side
Progressing me in life
Momentum in motion
My primal instincts can’t hide the wild woman in me
I’m a bone collector
I ravish lovers
And set souls free
Loving unconditionally my children
Living in the context of this drug culture teaching right
From wrong
Not from a hypocritical song
Just a pathway from rugged neurons
Over sexualized society scarcely
Blessed I in this babylon where
Community organizes clash with my rave-nous assumptions
Play on my ethics between right And wrong



The chocolate Fell on my tongue tantalize me
My taste buds stand the erect
Salivating as bitterness
Combined with the melting thickness
Covering all my points of being
Interests prescribed
Believing in this sacred ritual
That arose from a cup of well being a cup that nourishes the mind body and soul
Cacao with a Little sweetness
a little cream and spice to warm you inside and out
Rev your metabolism
Mend a broken heart
Savoring each sensual



Do you know you’ve been my muse for a while
I dream, fantasize and paint you in my life
Wild embers burning in a warm glowing light
My celestial self recognizes all that is hidden in deep sub conscious terrains navigating the depth of my soul
My pendulum swings your way
My tarot reading said you were in my future and past.
I give you me. All of me
And intuitive healing
Just give me a reason
To save myself for the ultimate once in a lifetime love
One reason to believe
I dance in your dreams and play in your mind too
I see your eyes linger and it melts me
Theres no tomorrow
I run after my composure
To catch my breath



Green hills the space in between is vital but is open across the landscape
I capture whAt i can but there is so much left out of a photograph
Vital life energies and auras
Escape me in the world
As i am only a conduit trying to capture the moment
Nature is my muse
Like the delicate petals of the flowers or the twisting behavior of a newly opened rose
The crystalized look of dew on jewel weed reflecting fragments of the world around it

Earthly intentions

Twisted notions resembling reality
Glare at me from the window
Who I am is in direct defiance of who I am to become
I calibrate my crazy
Tuck away all my insanity
And notions of reality momentarily
So I can raise these beings into the great beyond
Suppressing the wildwomyn in me
So I can ease the monotony of the day
I am the master of my realm
The time master of all the plans in my house
Loving deeply and compassionately until all the bells in this kingdom have rung
Alighting mind body and soul to universal and earthly intentionstimeless picked his nose with a twirly hose


No labels sprawled across my chest

Ancient symbols lay over my heart
Finding sacred in the dirt and decay
Finding peace on others heroin highway.
Through the smoke and mirrors
Pain and galore watching the nightmares of the ones you love
While you smell like sweet surrender
In this apocalyptic nation
Endearing of qualities high atop of a tree sat the hawk
Soft sensual sent of Amber oil rubbed on my wrist
on the curve of my neck
inside my thighs
On my belly
My temples pulsing
Radiating in this guttural reaction
I’m in waiting for return
I Moon move rivers without a cause
I am a rebel without a cause
Complete in the tide
G’night ocean moon
I know your cells are actively engaged while you move mountains in your dreams
sleep with the angels image



I ran my hand over the CD
it’s familiar disk
held loosely by my feelings
fastened with memories
every time that song played
ran through my mind
eliciting memories that
captivate my soul
Evoking feelings
Making me dance
Away from my comfort zone
Risking just one more chance
Singing just one more lyric
Reasons don’t matter
Just the lingering after effect of the tales told and rhythm played
The way chance and coincidence collided with fate in ecstasy dancing so close