tide pools and ecosystems/37/soul love saga

among the tide pools

and puddles alike

are ecosystems

that thrive

like the memories in the mind

twisted roots growing

and escaping finding

holes to grow through

their obstacles reaching towards the sun

reaching towards heaven

the deepest recess of the mind are covered with vines

by the conscious being

we’ve become adaptively to natural forces guided by intuition

and experience

moving towards


though we may heal crooked

with understand and shallow in depth

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confluence of reason/37/ soul love saga



Immaculate revelations

about situations

that seem so natural

Boundaries that shouldn’t be crossed

reasons that don’t exist

doesn’t take away

this heaviness in my chest

when polished notions

cross sacred vows

in search of

confluence of reasons



creation/37/soul love saga




You are a divine

ray of light

amazing in grace

+ glory

you are a master

of this dimension

inspiring other realms

of creation

for creation


Hubble telescope image known as Pillars of Cre...
Hubble telescope image known as Pillars of Creation, where stars are forming in the Eagle Nebula. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

r energy

ripples above and beyond

in waves of love and reiki

once upon a time

I devoured in your likeness

and cherished

your words

ohhh how you whispered

big things

having patients

for us not directly on the path

showing us your guiding light

unto our path











the show/ 37 soul love saga


I live for the moments

just before the show

waiting in line

waiting to to get high

waiting to forget life

right after

in the collective ambiance

of people passing

goods going

family growing



youth showing






my ecosystem/37/soul love saga


lingering moments

and dense categories

savoring relish

for the time being

sacred and scared

to move into reality

because my own ecosystem

is safe and free from

anyone else’s genocide

toxic waste dumps

massive amounts of wasted energy

with the masses of viral words

and false disclosers

threatening to invade

your territories and your

minions or children or students of life


My guess is it is difficult to come

to the realization

that some of us work hard

at just being the best

we know how to be


intensities and elevated vibrations

could soar with un-mounting pleasure

with taking responsibility for your own

gaining rewards instead of wasting

time filling little ears with false hopes

and leaving  a trail of despair

when you feed the lies

and the little truths

crumble to the ground


I have a light that shines

on my path

it’s called


I fuel it with

love and light it with


it saturates my walkway

with will

and shines on my feet

and the roots

growing into giai
I carefully step over

keeping the darkness

from my ecosystem



resend/37/soul love saga


P1010534 - Version 2


I resend my capabilities

devotional and lethargic

giving the most to the divine

and attracting the kind of abundance

one must work for

slow like honey and methodical

I go through my routines

hoping to find the morning sun

to awake me from this dream

laying in the arms so comfortable

if I ever had a doubt

I put my ear to his heart and listen

while the world tries to widdle away

at all that I have made

I listen to the beating

that keeps me safe

and smiles at this journey

because we are together

without regret

without reasons

that need to be defined

the world can continue to

widdle away

out of their own


but my bliss

is mine alone

to nurture

Four Days Awake
Four Days Awake (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

my warrior/37/soul love saga




when something so simple

as one of your oldest friends

becomes your lover

that trust

those memories

all turned new


when I opened the door

took a chance and let him in

to my chaos, my life

my house with the abundance

of love and overflowing dishes

he still saw me for me

for all that ever was, and will be

when turmoil and crazy tornados

threaten to destroy our world

he saved it gracefully

I am so thankful

to finally


being held in arms so strong

the winds won’t lift my feet from the ground

rooted in this composted soil beneath our feet

the air can whip our hair in unison

as we kiss

like a savage warrior

coming home from a long battle

rest in my arms

feed your soul


morning dance/37/soul love saga



energy emerges from seemingly nowhere

as the morning mists separate from the waters

of the earth

The falls ions hit the cool air and begin melding

into their evaporation processes

The sun begins to brighten the sky

reflecting warmly off the windows in the ghetto

quiet stirring of birds and cars

as the diesel engines render their drivers to work.

vibrating my feet as

The coffee begins brewing

and children are awakened

into their new routines

some go easy other kicking and screaming

I lurch into actions that begin to resemble

my morning dance

moving swiftly from coffee to child

until alas each one is dropped off

at their establishment

and once again

silence falls

on the house and

I can breathe


I published my first book!!!!!!


I want to say a big thanks to the wordpress community for all the love and support. You all are truly an inspiration that has kept me writing and reading!!!  Every time I come on here and see you have taken the time to read, comment and reply to my work: I am honored and feel blessed to be part of this community that is so much more than I could have ever asked for. Soooo there are many of your  favorite poems that you all have liked and replied to in this book.  Alot of new pics, my song ‘pottery and solace’  and …. a video… I hope you all get a chance to check it out and support this single mamma and her family so we can live the life we love and love the life we live with abandon and gratefulness!!!

once again you all rock and I love love love ya’all



shameless insinuations/ 37/soul love saga




Shameless insinuations


reminders of all that could be


shameless days


lying in bliss


calling it peaceful affirmations


when intentions prove


undeniably different


seeing the undermost


secret skins


and lightness of private




borderline determination


for ones own advances


I can’t wrap my mind around


the border patrol


round the neighborhood


all eyes peering in this direction


alls my thoughts conceive is


this past notion of


shameless behavior


the wrong reasons


feel so right