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reminisce cafe/19/soul love saga

Coffee cup
Coffee cup (Photo credit: @Doug88888)

sitting in a small coffee shop

sipping cappuccino alone

looking out the window

longing to cry

couples sit by my side

sneaking love discretely

share new inspirations

my night in general

missing a sweet kiss

soft lips

gently I could kiss


forever endlessly

no shallow substitutes


I watch a homeless man go by

I’ve been there a couple times

I wonder where love is

seeing everyday lost wills roaming

it’s hard to find the strength

to make it day by day

I know there is more for me

looking down these streets

hold all possibilities

it’s not easy to preoccupy me

paradise won’t cramp my style

if I can find a way

the coffee will never taste the same

vibe in me/19/soul love saga

smiths permanent collection of 60's psychedelic posters


guess you don’t know


can’t you see


the world turning to my degree


gothic rhymes


jungle vibes


underground rules


the city found the energy


born in you’re mind


can’t you see


techno soul


betchya can roll uninhibited


in the euphoric state


signs of the times


make music mine


de ju vu, rendezvous


same time next week


listen to what I  heard  the beats so raw


the world turning to my degree


gothic rhymes  in the old church


past the village you’ll find jungle vibes


underground rules


it’s a mix


get off


to bring it on


vibe in me


throw away my sad


So I can control the mood in me


exsistence/25/soul love saga

nyc windows to the soul
Where I stand
It seems as though there is another level to this existence
This is practice
on a small stage of life getting ready for the big performance
These parts of my life are so minor to my death
I feel like there is another way that I should be living
And I am nearly biding my time
Where I stand
Where I raise my voice
To be heard speaking of another existence
When will I become the blooming flower?
Spring has already past
I just got older
Another cold bed
Another sleepless night

Solo, I hold my own
Myths and fables
Suicide to soar
Misconception to explore
Truth and love are over powered
By mistrust
Help me save this world
From a terrible lust
Guide our innocent
So they can understand
This existence at hand
Is killing us

lady beware/24/soul love saga

my art 093Lady Beware
in the darkness of midnight
for you are fragile with fright
I like the night
for you can see
what hurts you in the daylight
whereas the night
the mysteries
of the world
holding a separate realm
all is its own
Lady beware the darkness of night
for you are fragile with fright
the darkness of night before you
mysteries collide
close your eyes
danger is always near