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Authentic life

Why do people thrive on the anger red hot boiling the blood rushes to your face and calls your adrenaline to come play ?
they live for drama .
make messes of lives trying to eradicate any good feelings so the only thing that can coexist is us against them .
but it’s not us against them it’s we in the world.
 nothings going to get better unless we stand as a divided front.
Against those who seek to destroy our nature.
I don’t get offended by how many people don’t read my work when I see what it is they do pay attention too.
so I have a heartfelt thanks to those who take their moments to get lost my work 

and my world 

my heart 

because it’s everything I am and everything i stand for and you have to stand for something 

or like the rest you’re going to fall for everything 
you’ll be like the cattle told which way to go and how to get there .

where not to go and where to stand when to sleep went to breath.
That’s not us. 

It’s not who we are.

Natural born renegades fending of the throws of addictions to technology, drugs, drama,processed shit.
We are the strong searching out an original authentic life. 

Trying to find our place here and redefine our place on the timeline 

Living in the heroin highway

I woke to the sounds of the morning The alarm quakes me into day and I hit the ground dancing. 
Engaged in routine grasping bits of chores satisfying my mounting list a lil. If I could just have one more hour or a few more hands.
Finding my place in the world I’m not ever free again and it scares the shit out of me.
Again and again I am separated from my art by this heroin epidemic and I don’t dance with this devil. I change diapers and care for so many kids.
Everyone around you suffers the greatest of consequences while you get high.

Our minds, body and soul needs the truth not the addiction fed lies you try and serve with convincing eyes. 
Do you believe yourself?

There’s an epidemic out there!

There is an epidemic of epic proportions out there. It’s t’s complying with the order of cease and is still successful at killing if it doesn’t kill the host it shreds them of their dignity and dreams. Holding their life hostage terrorizing families. 
I wish I had some great holistic advice. But I don’t other than wake up and stop fucking doing highly processed shot that’s killing you. ( I was going to put in the name of the drug but really any processed shit will kill you) 

I am sick of unnecessary death and dying and not being able to do anything to help except pick up the pieces. Today I feel so tired. I just want everyone to do the right thing for themselves, their families and their community.look at the big picture envision the future and choose life

    unclassified / 38/ soul love saga

    Photo on 2-21-14 at 11.28 PM



    No labels sprawled arcoss my chest


    ancient symbols lay over my heart

    finding sacred in the dirt and decay

    finding peace on others heroin highway

    through the smoke and mirrors

    pain and galore watching the

    nightmares of the ones you love

    while you smell like sweet surrender

    in this apocalyptic nation

    and your friends and family go missing

    There is nothing left to say or do

    there is only so much light

    you can spread on this situation

    only so much love can be givin



    Cacao/ 38 / soul love saga


    My curiosities provoked

    It’s tantalizing how the chocolate fell on my tongue

    memorizing me

    My taste buds erect

    salivating at the bitterness

    combined with the melting thickness

    covering all my points of being

    interests prescribed

    Believing in this sacred ritual

    That arose from a cup of well being

    a cup that nourishes the mind, body and soul

    cacao with a little sweetness

    a little cream and spice to warm you

    inside and out

    rev your metabolism

    mend a broken heart

    savoring each sensual sip


    This valentines day I was snowed in with my boys. We didn’t get down on the whole mass consumption of the holiday. Instead we watched movies while I did Homework. In the afternoon my cravings took over and discovered a way to make

    pure cacao chocolate.

    By combining 1 tblsp of cacao powder to

    1 tblsp of oil… coconut oil or hemp are really tasty

    I tblsp of sweetener…coconut sugar and maple syrup both come from trees and both have  vitamins and minerals, stevia has no calories and works well too.

    This will harden, or you can add it to a cup or two of warm milk for chocolate milk… Yummy

    Seas across sanction/24/soul love saga


    seas across sanction
    Lie across the horizon
    live among nature
    don’t let Babylon carry on
    bring truth to delicate ears
    reasons are those
    of the beholder
    love on the earth
    let it be
    all the sights
    our eyes can feast on

    Living in parables/24/soul love saga

    Another day gone
    living in parables
    do you have all you want
    and didn’t count for?
    Do you have what you loved for so long
    DO you change a potentially wonderful life
    and loose my sex
    my sex
    my sex
    where did it go?
    He didn’t know what love was
    neither did I
    I assumed it would work out

    all on stand by
    what is it going to be
    I’ll grow old
    today I don’t know

    wasted resolutions/37/soul love saga

    water colour  l"'

    She was left there
    in her own
    pile of wasted dreams
    pushed aside in
    her own drama
    left with hopeless

    rendered junk and addiction

    DSCF4627My eyes are swollen shut
    tears are all but rendered
    sick of losing those that I love
    to junk and addiction
    where time holds no value
    no morals or family matter
    misconseption and deceit
    are a way of life
    what I have been through
    don ‘t exsist
    nothing I say will fix it
    the faces I see are
    those crying from skinned knee’s
    not the face of death
    from needles injection
    the gods eye he made me
    still hangs in my window
    I pray as he pays