Bone collecting wild woman/ soul love saga/39


I am a bone collector…

Ravishing souls and the likes of them,

savoring the moments between time…

I explore the earth in all her sacredness.

I explore her in all her settled griminess

or manicured manipulations.

Knowing each tree I pass.

I sing to the plants and watch

them dance in the vibration of my song.

I am a wild woman

dancing naked and strong.

I am a wild woman

caught between ravious love

and divine union.

I am a wild woman

running with the wild animals

catching butterflys

spreading seeds on the wind.

Digging in the earth with my bare hands

planting gardens with dirty knees

sipping on the nectar

from a flower in mid day

tasting natures sugar fresh.

I am a wild woman

filling my psyche with healing energy

raising the vibration of humanity,

raising children I have birthed from my womb,

raising the vibration of the communities children.

it takes a village

We make the thunder role


Well my grown ghetto child

Handsome and undeserving

of the streets drama

the harsh realities that harden

the exterior shell

lest you remember

our days

that grow our awareness

out of decay

that bridge the dreams

and explore tribuutaries

of the psyche

ravenous in delight

raising our vibrations

while we make the thunder roll

with our coming together

I cant seem to get enough

and delight in our


as they grace my memories

trying to get closer with each

movement or word

we speak in truth

leaving the parables

to poems

shining our love and  light

onto  the naked bodies

laying awake

not missing a second

while making up  from lost time

days past

I said in these days past

as the light flickered on and off

by little fingers

all the words I could ever say

who would listen

not the little ears

nor the bigs

but the radiate energy that surpasses

extraordianry lives

and passes ordinary lives

with the likeness of dolls

one moment that leads to another is like

a marathon

where I am only in a race against time

not anyone else

to my sisters dismay

but the uncanny resemblance

of my fathers dead decaying


I don’t know where this will all lead

only I know I can’t quit yet

Pushing the boundaries

of the words

that flow from the ether

I have to step up and breath

I have to live and love

and know that in the end

it is me that must

sleep soundly at night

the foster care system isn’t my boss

nor is their mother

but my own consciousness

on raising the spirits

bright and bueatiful

and caring for my own

in their own way

not one person can understand this


nor can they make it easy

except those who get off on suffering

and release their venom on me

instead of taking responsibility

I still have to devote my time

stratagize my personal life

and sacrifice everything to make it right

and love and hug

these beings tight

I am so strong

because I have to be

because I am a survivor

because I cant be weak

Making magik by fall

The waterfall


while the windswept tree’s,

lose their leaves

raining down on me…

I take the harvest

from the summers garden

creating magik in my kitchen

curing  and drying herbs,

curing and

baking pies

getting ready for the turning of the sky…

turn, turn, turn

lady and lord

God and goddess

all universal energies..

From the stars and moons

the halo’s eve approaches

makeup and dress up

on the minds of many

making magik

in this realm

while my plants

have metamorphosed

through the season

their time has come to an end…

Mix, mix, mix

cut and tend

what I seek shall be mine

to blend…

Gathering momentum

like notions on the wind

I ask the hibernation

to energize my creative


make and mend

take and friend

what you love

shall be safe till the end.

Walking through the mountains

as the quilts of fall colours

adorn the view

alive with vitality

alive with velocity

nows the time to set intentions

create the pathways

that will carry us forward…


I feel this rapture

emanating from within

I felt that moment


and more as time went on

what we give

we are animals

playing this human game

spiritual beings

living in realities

fateful moments

that rip your heart out

and terrorize the fiber of your existence

what is so important is held

in transit today

I gave it away

to the deepest connection

through time and space

past life  all in the present

everything that happened

led to this moment

like happenstance


I remember the wanting

the needing

the anxiety

over finding love

but the unexpected finding of joy

happened when I wasn’t waiting

nor when I was even thinking about it

I dismissed your good looks

our conversation

our connection

until it became impossible

to hide.

The way you care

the way I get lost in your eyes

undeniable bliss

filled in these moments of my life

with the quaking of endurance

that rocks my world with security

I have never felt like this and it scares me

as much as you

we conversate and gather momentum

discovering each other

and sanction

in each others arms

resting assured

comfortable entering new levels

of this relationship realm

our difference bring us together in the middle

while we find such joy in being

in the here and now

gathering momentum


these sacred moments

eye opening bellows of bliss

randomly happening in all the right places

wandering gait that tramps through life

gathering those favorite finds

that mean so much yet leave nothing behind

stopping to pick up that rock that glistens in the sun

a marker for the occasion

joining the leagues of others

on the trail of love

joining with the main road

I head off of the path

to converge with myself

Taking a moment to find a hand

take a breath

and remember

who I am

and why I came

walking beyond my destination

exploring all beyond the bounds

knowing the tree’s and how their bark

grows round the trunk

made comfortable for me to sit

for a moment

gather my thoughts

pray and collect energy

from this place i nestled close

to the earth and roots

gathering momentum

for the next decision

Earth warrior clarity

garbage faries
garbage fairies

Im a spirtual gangsta

Watching  video’s online

cuz they don’t play them on mtv anymore …

I see a mass consumerism

of materialism

brought about through

the cultural use

of non recyclable plastic…….

spending all your time and money

partying away your life within shallow degree’s….

I party with pride and dignity

of a higher vibration

of people

Inspiring the greater good from everyone…

Gleaning natures way.

Sure I played

tho I smarten up

an awaking I am proud of ……

More than how much?

How fast ?

How callous I can be?

How much can I use? IMG_4878

I glean nature rather than stores..

Within a gallant effort of mass consciousness

a whole society can be raised

to care as opposed to destroying the world. …

Watching the mind bending actions of popular cultures

mainstream makes me scream!!!

The colours un natural and fake with high maintenance.

I am part of mother natures army

mother natures army~ Sarah Peck
mother natures army~ Sarah Peck

an earth warrior

to end the world of decay!

I am part of the solution

not the problem with every step I take part….

Big thanks to the garbage faries

that grace the way

cleaning up the world making it a better day…. IMG_4876

Working on this spiritual evolution

sacred holistic arts

symbols of clarity

stop bitching

start a revolution…