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So this is part of my music geekiness I love music!!!

i have spent much of my adult hood chasing music, listening or in clubs.

Dreaming about it now I am turning my poetry into music.

I am entranced by the idea of bringing poetry to people who would never take it on themselves.

I want people to stumble into, become emmersed in it that they don’t really know until they have fully been saturated.

Kind of like boiling a lobster.

‘Once you learn a poem, have a poem memorized no one can take that from you it is yours’.

I believe it was poneyboy or curtis who said the above quote.

The only one I really have memorized is ” everything gold’ by Robert frost. Amazing, simple and awakened. Need I say more?

I found that one in the classic epic tale of the outsiders which I was infatuated with when I read it. .

Sadly I have a terrible memory which is horrible if you want to be a preforming poet but I don’t have time for that now.

Sooo what do I memorize? Songs.

I can recall most songs as soon as the music starts to play.

There is a muscle memory that just picks up with music.

Not only that but the vibration of sound, my movements and memories as each song has found it’s way into my life at a certain time.

So this is why I continue to work on making this kind of progression.

Because for me it is the only way.



the new life class ‘A holistic approach to creativity


Here is the instructors welcome page for my new site… I would love for you all to check it out…A lot of love and learning in the process…




  • Blackboard
  • A Holistic approach to creativity is about discovering yourself and creativity through the modality of holistic health  and vitality that is always within you. Learning ways to be connected to the divine through a process of discovery. Finding that you can tap into  your constantly flowing stream of creativity. Learn to take challenges and turn them into opportunities. The class is taught by Michelle Crowningshield – Bryan author of two books: Pieces of soul love saga ( can be found on itunes) or On Amazon along with her second book Quantum Spirituality both  books of poetry and art. Once enrolled there is an electronic version of each book in your tools section.

    This life class utilizes tips and strategies that have been accumulated through her multiples sources of education including but not limited too: Cosmetology, Culinary Arts, Fine Arts, Environmental and Holistic Health, Healing, Jewelry making, Dream catcher mythology and ritual tools. Other professionals will be creating and sharing profiles, video’s and tricks of the trade while working along side you as we all progress. Are you interested in sharing gifts for barter or trade? Contact me and I would be happy to talk with you. I am in the process of designing 52 different sections searching the globe to find what inspires us into making the world better including. The class will also utilize some of the knowledge of other participants. Having found the niche in this world to be really unique and amazing We will all help you to develop yours. This class is a community building workshop. When you purchase this class you will have access to it for as long as the Internet continues to work

    Each week there are posted assignments, exercises, recipe’s, video’s and meditations that are designed to put tools in your tool box and let you get the most out of your life class. .

    love actually


    What you can do is look at this course as a care and feeding for the soul. A support group for creativity. A place to nourish the divinity within you. This course may not teach you to be successful that is pure luck and perseverance. I can not give you will power, no one can that is up to you. What I can do is give you affirmation not to give up and give you tools to thrive. With care and feeding of the soul anything is possible. Without a long road of obstacles you loose your sense of adventure. What adventures you choose to make out of your life is up to you. If anything the one thing I have learned is how to push through obstacles using creativity and holistic health as a vehicle for healing.


    Thankfully this is not a graded course. You will get out of it what you put in. Simply stated I can give you the tools but I am not going to build the house for you. I can give you idea’s but learning is a process and you have to work through the process. You have steps that need to be followed and I have given idea’s on the different levels of artistic abilities that you can utilize if this is the first time you have ever thought about art or if you are a doctor of art. The core development of who you are is a continuous processes and it is up to you to find the joy in the work that you do and how you spend your time.


    My desire is to be able to work on community building and endless possibilities.  This is an important aspect of this class. This is a community of people who will thrive from your experience, from your work and wisdom. Without this communication between us  sometimes our learning experiences fail to be learned from and can turn into a forgotten folder or a wallowed in wasteland of blockage.

    For $125 You will receive access to this course site and become a member of a community of thriving artists in search of intentional connection.  I am sharing my $45,000+ worth of education for this introductory price. 52 classes to help you grow, learn, play and connect mind, body and soul. Learn how to access that divine energy that will help you create, love and heal. Work on deepening your relationship with your earth and universe expanding your consciousness and healing abilities.

    Please contact me with any questions, comments, or concerns. No one is turned for lack of funds… The world is full of possibilities and options



vibe in me/19/soul love saga

smiths permanent collection of 60's psychedelic posters


guess you don’t know


can’t you see


the world turning to my degree


gothic rhymes


jungle vibes


underground rules


the city found the energy


born in you’re mind


can’t you see


techno soul


betchya can roll uninhibited


in the euphoric state


signs of the times


make music mine


de ju vu, rendezvous


same time next week


listen to what I  heard  the beats so raw


the world turning to my degree


gothic rhymes  in the old church


past the village you’ll find jungle vibes


underground rules


it’s a mix


get off


to bring it on


vibe in me


throw away my sad


So I can control the mood in me


time~Ben Larkin


Fragmented collections of Luminous understanding

coalescing within trembling wonderment

misrepresented as social normalcy

broken in form, standing central

fearful to be observed

unwilling to be forgotten

perpetual as gravity

stolen away through


behavior and me/ 25/soul love saga


Behavior and me

i explore glory

I plore evermore

almost gone , going, gone

how we act


I know a song

sung with golden melodies



a performance of interpersonal


singing in harmony

songs so bright I can’t see

blinded by the light

life will be

whatever it should

family is me?

How come I don’t see my neglected status?

my soul is wondering

my self image is translucent

transpiration is happening

changing daily

everyday I grow

everyday I want to show

the world my song

here I am!

here I stand!

now and forever

my name will rain

my name will reign

haunting those I know

hate and concurred

curing those I love and adore

IF I could tell the world about the songs I sing

maybe they would understand

and harmonize


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federal angst/soul love saga


my body aches in angst

my groins burn

the doctor says I am fine

it must be desire child

my breath is shallow

my want is endless

in the shadow of you

my mouth is empty

and awake in waiting


my heart cant endure

much more of this

federal game

broken and bent

to this ironic time

can’t wait for words

that make any sense

while some farm and others


all in the name of

holistic health

obsessing dimensions /37 soul love saga





You could be sitting so still

writing one poem/meditating

all while so many dimensions of life exist


who am I? How is my being? How am I living? 

making my home? who and How do I love?

my obsessions, my family+ life’s work 


Like my patchwork quilt 

layers deep

interconnected by one spirit 

sewed by many strings

knotted in magik

growth + expansion this ever changing life

full of incomplete obstacles

stretching all limits of mind + body 

beyond belief working at the core of all you ever were 

adding to the potential of all that ever will be

even when life is at a stand still

the rivers continue to flow 

adding to the mass of ocean 

a collective conscious 

even as I collapse in my hammock +sleep

to the nights sounds/sky

with nothing between the divine universe +I

she reaches out and calls to me 

caressing my obsessions

as I lay waiting for my wishing stars

desire/19/soul love saga

spring 2013 083

Buddah says ‘ all pain derives from desire’  How do you set your self free when desire plays songs in your head?? Here is mine


burning a whole in my soul

unfulfilled  crisp and cold

in the middle of fire


I can’t hide these secrets anymore

in my eyes you will see

the passion inside

creeping by

holding my emotions down

its a sensation

desires fills my mental plain

ohh desire

to many secrets to hide

to many secrets inside

set them free making me wild

there is no denying

desire  is in my eyes

how I feel is real

drumming/37/soul love saga

This drum is alive

beating like the

first rhythm

of creation

connected to

the divine

is alive

all the fires burning

in my soul

drumming this beat

in the midst of creation

pure sound vibrating

your eardrums

pulsing through your veins

rocking your soul

to thrive


with vitality