watching the moon blue/22/soul love saga

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Watching the moon Blue

I want to ride by the moon in the midnight sky I want to fly with the angels in the daytime
I’m going to burn my feet on the sun then conquer the universe with my thumb
I’ m gonna swim with the phish in the sea
Demonstrate love
On the sand
Understand my ambitions
Why I anticipate fun and happiness
Success at its best
Motivate to seize each day
Carp diem
I want a lot
All the time
Friends and family
Love all the time
Hugs and *****
Sparkles and days
Glazed and tingly
Swept away on a dream
Scream with pleasure
Giggles at everything sill
Runnin through rainbows
Dancin to drums til the morning comes


mist essentials/35/soul love saga

Mist Essentials
As the mist falls,
Formation is my imagination
Raining hard on my mental plain-
Dire needs of direction for my travel zone.

Scarce mine resources
But lyrical  formation
Zodiac time’s tarot
Equals delirium
Notions are poetry’s motions
Rhythms holding down reality’s identity
I have only desires to   grasp

Dreams are mine when I hold nothing inside my heart
Love is my mist essentials

follow me/22/ soul love saga

nyc 124Follow me
You’re my pride
My love and joy
The only one who does what you say
And mean every  word
You’re in my dreams
You’re in my heart
Follow me
Your my joy
Erotasy is my fantasy
Anesthesia is my pleasure
Roll with me
Till fantasy comes alive
Hold onto me
Till we find our destiny
Together in central oz
Follow me we can be free
Please me
Tease me
Show me your move
Erotasy to your own groove
Come and run where there are no rules

nature/35/soul love saga

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Nature’ is in guise
-a gesture of reality.
A quiet moment among flowers
Only surpassed – by the rustling
Of the canopies leaves
A treasure tropism guided by Magik
Automatic reflex- igniting mystery
A proboscis unraveled into nectar,
Because of the   toes tasting…

In the pachysandra
Tickling wet from dew
Escaping aroma
Interrupts my sentiments


In her purest voice simplicity-spoken words
Through her humble movements- oceans and rivers
Waterfalls and tides
A voice that begins in a whisperer
Crickets-birds- rodents
Growing louder in an enthusiastic roar
Lions-tigers and bears
Is the most unreasonable in
Her earth quaking soul shaking way
Unforgivable tornado plow driven ways
Leveling and over taking
She continues to grow over our decay
Making right of all our wrongs

living free/22/soul love saga

winter2012 168

Living free
Yesterday’s dreams
Will be tomorrow’s realities

I have to go
Travel and explore
Gotta keep moving away
from these rough days
Destiny controls my heart beat
Holding free
A soul wanting to go higher
Talents Unknown
Many stories untold
Until an old soul whispers behind a pen
The words flow
Past lives
What the future hides
Dreams of living free
Wish I knew
July 1997, Virginia Beach