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I love art and a holistic approach to life. Words fly around my head unable to stop like a tornado until I lay the tracks and set the train free. It's not the destination it has been the journey of writing my book that I have discovered my sub consious. when I write or create I am free About These are poems and stories about my life and yours. Stories I have been inspired by and repelled by fiction and non-fiction alike. I am working on a series of books called the Soul Love Saga which includes; Stories, poetry and art. Sadly I feel most of the stories are far to inappropriate for the internet and I will save for my published works. My future dreams include getting my work published, having my work enhance humanity, and to be understood. If nobody were to ever read my work I would still write. IF somebody were to take my pen I would still rhyme. IF nobody were to understand my words, that’s ok. They have not lived in my world or walked my path. Most of my work comes from a wild spirit inside of me. It captures me and though I may grasp some of my experiences, I am in a sense, truly possessed. It is almost as if something takes a hold of my soul and won’t let me go until I have finished my trance state .Sometimes it is this voice that will sing a haunting song repeatedly until I manage to find a place to write, or it gets lost forever. most of my work has undeniable lyric formation. Music is the essences of the world that I have surrounded myself elf with. messages through parables and metaphors will be presented behind the words and phrases. As for myself I am a mother and teacher. I am a dancer and drummer. I am an artist and art lover. I am the master of my own creations. I believe in the power of the Goddess. I believe in the power of overcoming obstacles. I still believe in love. MCrowningshield@giaimagik twitter All written content of this blog and website is protected under U.S. copyright. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this written material in whole or in any part without express and written permission from this blog’s author and owner is strictly prohibited. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to michelle crowningshield bryan thank you for your interest


I plow forward through chaos and turmoil

rerooting and growing my garden of Eden.

the challenge is to find potential in the dirt and plant the seeds in the soil.

nurture new beginnings and make a new life that sustains me.

weed out all that doesn’t serve me

and let my spirit grow


Letting the light shine through your heart
Letting go of everything that no longer serves you
Find the freedom each day
To be
One with your earth
One with your soul one with your body


there is nothing like being saturated with colour. surrounded by inspiration or an ocean of possibilities. take ever free moment and make it timeless
sing those magical lyrics in the mystical giais earth
you were meant to find what brings you abundant joy and brings out the untamed wildness inside that rocks your soul and stabalizes reality.
you were not meant to live a souless life
full of never ending work and addictions.
stretch yourself beyond your boundaries
explore unknown territories.
stand tall and fierce.

love is the challenge
love is bondage
wraps you in chains
bound by beliefs
holds you hostage
trying to find balance when your mind says one thing yet your heart says another

love for me is the greatest challenge. ive nver really been in love with equal energy exchange. At 43 I wonder what it is really about. seems rhe most elesive thing in the world to me. my dad died before I was born. my ex husband was a junkie so I missed the whole partnership parenting thing. loving family or friends is easy.
so where does that leave me. broken and always putting myself and everyone else back together.
love is essential so I have been working on making myself whole. I dont need to fall in love with another broken soul that chooses to stay broken! 💖intro,😁 joy, challenge, 💘 love, strength


we born born to rise up from our circumstances and fly.
each day becoming stronger
pushing our beings
past our boundaries
into the infinite of unknown.
with unlimited possibilities the choice is ours to live in domestic harmony or chaos.
to let go of trauma and live or wallow in it.
to discover our potential by exploring or repressing safely in the mundane settling for reality.
rise up into the joy of life through love