martyr/soul love saga


i’m no martyr in my farie way

I am no martyr in all I say

Im the artist in the middle of the night

painting the universe with delight

because through it all

I know what only I can do

paint the black stars between the light

paint the sparkle

that reflects in my families eyes

while poetry rains down

around me

all my wish’s wondering through

like intentions and blessings


smoke that drifts

carrying our messages to the heavens

I glean meaning from everyday stock

I glean love from movies

cause I can’t find it around here.

sentiments that drift

like a clippership on the waves

somethings that were never meant to be

are just not happening now

I paint the universe the stars and the moon

with the delight that renders my soul pure

everything that was ever meant to be

I hold my breath in the tide

let the waves

saturate all that I never wanted

leaving me to be

who I am

who we are


dilution /soul love saga

the core moments of

delusion  inspired by

momentary observations

tossed aside

like broken bits of sleds at the bottom

of snow covered hills

capitalizing on the fact

that feverish notions

run ramped through altered motives

We can only fool ourselves for so long

pray and practice what we preach

but ultimately we have no say

even as parents

for the choices of others.

we can not rule over mental illness

we can not win

we can not even dare to dream

of normal



can not dare to dream

that one day

things will progress as fast as

a sled going godspeed down a hill

and this single mom

can breathe and dream

conversate with rationality

and dance without hesitation

that the next moment be laced with

unexpected behaviors

meant to torture my soul

diminish my spirit

working so hard to thrive

in a dismal landscape

barren and fridgid

with fear

and I prostrate

for a higher being

for sanctuary

this year



quantum spirituality/soul love saga/ Epic poetry


Quantum Spirituality
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About the author:
Michelle’s work has been published in many different magazines some of her publishing credentials include; Savior Flare, Ascent Aspirations, Gallery, Montague reporter to name a few. This edition of pieces of soul love saga is also on Amazon and Ibooks as an interactive book with video and a song. She is a mother and artist as well as a writer who still believes in love even though the lack of it makes for a lot of great poetry.Michelle is an awe inspired writer with a wild spirit that likes to take over her body and helps her write through her connection to the universal spirit. Her artwork has hung in many gallery’s and shows all honoring her connection with the Divine universe.
She has blog building momentum called where you could check out more work.

Quantum Spirituality

Soul love saga

Authored by Ms. michelle crowningshield-bryan
Edition: 1

Quantum Spirituality is a book of poems and art that are about the souls journey into spirituality. Through discovering nature and finding what feels right through light and love energy. Many religious traditions are utilized in every day life through bits and pieces that feel good to our spirits. Soul love saga is a large collection of poems and short stories that all interconnect. Some are fiction others are non fiction. I tell my stories of where I have been and I tell others stories that have remained unforgettable or those that need to be immortalized. It is a story of growth and learning to thrive through the hardest of obstacles. There are lots of original art and photo’s that adorn each page. I decided to give pieces of what you can expect when soul love saga is finished and published. ( I am still looking for a publisher 🙂 My poetry stands alone I have been influenced by Bukowski as much as Emily and frost. You can check out more of my work at or if a piece really speaks to you I would love to talk back I have kept the more personal and explicit stories for when my whole series is published… thank you for reading.

Publication Date:
Jan 05 2014
1493680579 / 9781493680573
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US Trade Paper
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6″ x 9″
Full Color with Bleed
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Poetry / Epic


sons and daughters/ soul love saga/ quantum spirituality

.the feather


circles high pushing through

to what matters

what matters most in this icy desolation

daughters of the revolution

sons of anarchy

all in chaotic bliss central

to my location

central to the core of my beliefs

central to the armageddon of my song

my rules

my choices

who can stand by me

holding the power of patience

and dedication to family

who can stand by me

with respect

through acquisition and free trade

selling humble wares

witnessing the miracle of healing

and the rhythm of harmony

dancing ghosts/38/soul love saga





dancing through the fog

with the parade of ghosts

lightening our way through the darkness

guiding us beyond the known

passing over the landscape to freedom

a ight of mischievous kissing

a night of healing

releasing the discod

and knots that bound me

shroud me with silken wetness

saturating my soul with the


a psychedelic a rhythmic binary

bliss awaits me

sweet isis dance with me

till the morning light

till the dew dissolves

and the salacious

sounds of our feet hitting the earth

our brothers gone by holding company

our sisters visions enlightening royal


render incomplete/38/soul love saga



It’s me and who I am today

Listen to my heart

listen to my words

as they render incomplete

bypassing laws and regulations

Hear the rhythm connected

to the universe

to the land we all share

the first Morning light

warms the tree’s basking in the

glowing  rays rising

we are all made from star dust

from star dust we will return

bound by leather

dressed in lace

Lamenting in the seasons

welcoming change crossing


solving situations

exceeding expectations

chasing memories

selling dreams

casting revaluations


into a universe

justifications trying to make sense

of the world we live in