Appetite for desire/ Soul love saga/39


 Sweet salacious beginnings

caught in momentary mavericks..

Gaining substantial lights in the dream scape of the land…

Gaining passion as these days surmount

                                        to nothing less than greatness.

I have traveled the world

and want to be nowhere else                 but in your arms.

After the smiles have come and gone;

What is real

is the heart-felt desire

that doesn’t disappear

in time.

All brought back by a melody

or a smile

that sheds more light

on the art we shared.

Looking for more than signs

or words without actions

You are where you want to be in your journey

in my life

in our adventure.

Graced with curiosity and resilience

my tears flow like the waterfall that

lulls me to sleep

in a dreamless dream.

Fantasies that preoccupy my melancholy.

Does fear design your wishes in favor of freedom?

How could I share this life

with anyone

not as strong as I

or works as hard at living?

Who wants to share my

dreams and rise above

this condescending notion of reality?

into an atmosphere that raises


Share this passionate appetite for desire

and discovery?

An immunity for obstacles.

An addiction for savory tastes

walking in grace hand to hand.

Im yours…

In a time where nothing is less than sacred

caring for the next generation

with mindless means

Painting the world

(~):)This video is about The painting life made for ‘A holistic approach to creativity’ https://sacredholisticarts.coursesites/ An online community full of awakenend artist’s on the path…Thank you so much ‪#‎BryanJorgenson‬ ‪#‎symbolsofclarity‬ for painting my van it changes faces everywhere I go. Platric Glascoe and Eli Ray thank you for your tickets to insperation… Big thank you for all the extra shots ‪#‎zaroma‬ bryan and ‪#‎LaraWatson‬. Thank you ‪#‎Lowellpartyband‬, ‪#‎Phish‬ for the music I am absolutely in awe… I am so grateful for all those who share in my journey… IF i forgot anyone let me know…. Love and light

Making magik by fall

Crowningshield's Blog

The waterfall


while the windswept tree’s,

lose their leaves

raining down on me…

I take the harvest

from the summers garden

creating magik in my kitchen

curing  and drying herbs,

curing and

baking pies

getting ready for the turning of the sky…

turn, turn, turn

lady and lord

God and goddess

all universal energies..

From the stars and moons

the halo’s eve approaches

makeup and dress up

on the minds of many

making magik

in this realm

while my plants

have metamorphosed

through the season

their time has come to an end…

Mix, mix, mix

cut and tend

what I seek shall be mine

to blend…

Gathering momentum

like notions on the wind

I ask the hibernation

to energize my creative


make and mend

take and friend

what you love

shall be safe till the end.

Walking through the mountains

as the quilts of fall colours

adorn the…

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stitched with magik/ soul love saga/ 39

There is a calm after the storm too.

Where my fantasies can be come richer than my reality.

I can once again drift into my vortex of longing and dreams.

Shielding all of the unexplainable moments that deserve no words

You can’t make sense of everything

Some things just don’t have sense.

In a world of dis-orders that rage through

a complex scenery

I can’t hide from.

I would miss the occasional sunset or rainbow

I might even have missed that slight smile

that fell onto my teens lips.

I gathered all of my baggage and took to many turns

riding them all to school today.

Searched for a home and wrote a song

making a video of a life I wanted.

When the day is finally done

I crawl under my quilt protected by layers of patches

stitched with magik, sewn by my hands one by one.

From where I have been covering me throughout all my days.

Dreaming about a life that isn’t mine

Not knowing if it will ever be.

emancipation proclamation

My emancipated vagina

rages in enlightenment

and angst~~~~

needing a thriving


My emancipated vagina

screams to proclaim justice for inequality!!!

Ravished in extasy as

a sanctuary to be infiltrated

by a soul mate..

Master blended in it’s own territory

freedom suits it well

but lust languishes in the darkness

and needs to be rediscovered

by the eternal one

that satisfy the soul

and renders it complete

symbols of clarity


IMG_4047Painting the world

with symbols of clarity

with the sacred through art

that radiates into the deepest part of our soul

cleansing the shadows with light waking the dreamer within

through cleansing osmosis

and transfusion

of energy that

rages through life

letting us stand together

through dark days

making magik

wherever yougo

painting the world with symbols of clarity

inspiring the world with the sacred

through art

that resongnates like a smile

that makes eyes sparkle

through kindness and trade

that opens my heart

tripppen face that melts

in conversation

and dreams in colour

altering conciousness

that resognates deeply with in

these transcending memories

altering our minds to

a blissful state

allowing our cells to settle

for a higher vibration

be real for evolution be real for clarity

painting the world

with symbols of clarity

inspiring the mass conciousness

with sacred through art

and energy exchange

that heals through

the body and soul

connection with the divine

energy enlightenment

curing the world with

eye candy and a smile